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Never actually had a problem with these guys.

Off course lost parcels and damage compensation will never be awarded.

As per norm in the carrier industry.

Excellent API from ebay

Possible future API from amazon or magento make booking a breeze.



I use the parcel force option and not the Yodel one as find it better, but give you the option.

Excellent label print and other website functions too. !

Transglobal Express

AVOID - Low upfront, But then demand 1/3rd more after Delivery. Not A great deal !

We ship goods from several places in europe to other places.

We had a parcel arrive from Germany to UK via DHL and then booked to have it forwarded, checking the DHL label, and remeasuring, checking the DHL label wieght and resmeasuring.

After a week of arrivial we were sent an invoice demeaning 1/3 extra payment for incorrect sizes and weights.

Now we are a distribution business and deal with packages on a daily basis.

We have electronic weight equipment and measured 2 times, in addition checked the DHL and invoice when delivered from Germany to UK.

Still they said UPS autosize checked and its over the wieght stated and size but quite a lot.

We sent 5 parcels over 1 year with transglobal, and 4 incurred small or much larger surcharges for several reasons. Mostly stating our wieght was MUCH higher than quoted, i.e we booked 48 KG they want to charge 95 KG and sizes. Out by as much as 10CM on boxes with factory printed sizes on the side and previous shipped to us with other carriers size on them confirmed.

I believe this is not an honest company, they place low prices upfront to gain your custom, then surcharge heavy after hiding behind the carrier and claiming the charges orginate from them

Be warned, it is likely your cost will increase by 1/3 to 1/2 half after booking with them. Especially if your order is over the £70 range. We only had 1 parcel not incur extra charges, the total price was less than £40 so it was likely not open to having extra profit made from it.

I would strongly encourage people not to use transgolbal. We use carriers every day, send parcels out on a daily basis and only have had these problems with Transglobal.

You may think its simply an isolated case and our scales and measuring tape is wrong. But we send 100+ parcels a month via courier and never once had a issue. Every order over £100 with this company has had significant extra charges placed on it.

Booking with these guys may leave you happy for the first week. But after than a large invoice will soon appear in your inbox.

Avoid them to save the disappointment and hassle. You can get better deals elsewhere when you consider the highly likely 2nd charge. 4 out of 5 shipments shows 100% a problem with this company. Especially as the only one that didn't get charged was the smallest and cheapest ever sent.

A quick search of reviews will show this is pretty common practice at transglobal and they have been doing it on larger orders for a number of years.

Also they will keep your card details on file, and then take money from it without your permission. Leaving you in a position to either get it charged back incurring cost to you, Or dispute the charge which they know 99% of people wont do, they simply hide behind DHL, UPS or whichever carrier they forwarded via and blame them.

We have sent 100s of parcels via these carriers over 8 years.

Never had a single issue until of course we booked with Transglobal express in Wirral.

We only paid the invoice as to not cause problems with UPS. We will never use this service again. Its simply not worth it.

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