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Bohemia Style

FRAUD - FRAUD - FRAUD! - Also trading as And Organics - bohemia-style - or bohemia style - Also trading as And Organics Please save yourself, read this before you buy anything - Purchased some cream from this company, they never sent the goods. I complained to the credit card company. The CC company returned my money. To my horror on the 28th of June 18th August £102 was taken from my account by And Organics then the 18th &19th August another 2 transactions were taken from my card - this amounting to around £630 taken illegaly by Bohema Style also trading as And Organics. The credit card company asked for proof of delivery, guess what?? They made a fraudulent proof of delivery slip, and a fraudulent letter from Parcel force and sent it to Visa. The proof of delivery contained a false signature, the addresses were stuck on the paperwork and the POD slip was in a foreign language. Yet..... visa still accepted this as valid and said there is nothing I can do, I still owe the money. So basically And Organics trading as bohemia-style or bohemia style ( ) have stolen £650 from me and there is not a thing I can do. I now according to Visa which is supposed to be safe, owe the money. I am now a victim of fraud as a result of And Organics trading as bohemia-style or bohemia style ( ). This company is not based in the UK and is listed in America according to the transaction information. Please also do, do not let them have any of your credit card information!

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