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not sure about on line, but in store, brilliant!

ordering things off the website may be a completely different story, but in store, the staff are polite, friendly, chatty, everything, 5 stars there!

the store is always buzzing, has a great atmosphere and is forever changing, always looking clean and attractive.


Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

brilliantly designed website, easy to navigate around, attractive etc etc etc.

its not the cheapest place ive ever shopped at, but they do compensate by sending alot of discount codes to members.

theres always great communication from them when purchasing things, they always email you to let you know when the payment has been received, when the order has been dispatched, etc etc.
and the order always comes on the day specified by them.
and in discreet packaging!

5 stars!

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no complaints really

The customer service team arent the greatest in the world, but for what must be a pretty repetative dull job, they do it pretty well.
theyre polite enough, not entirely enthusiastic, but straight to the point, give you the information you need, and dont waste your time.

theres been a few times ive been in to look for several products and none of them have been in stock, but i guess when you have a catalogue with around 2000 pages of products, thats not bad going really.

they also always have sales on, which is a plus in my books!


good overall, just a few niggles.

ASDA do great prices, no denying that, and the people instore are usually very friendly.
however online is slightly different experience.
out of the many times ive ordered online, ive either had to pay £5.00 or more for a slot, since even though ive looked for a slot a day or two in advance, none are available. how many delivery people do they have? 2? 3? not enough thats for sure.
also, i cant think of an order we've recieved that hasnt had a little bit on the top saying 'sorry these products werent avaliable in store so havent been delivered' and this is usually about 4 or 5 products from my list.
i really cant imagine that so much stock changes that much in just a couple of days.

and to top it off, most of my food usually comes in damaged packages, and sometimes even the products themselves are battered about.
but the delivery guy isnt interested in it and there is no email address for customer service, you have to phone up to complain.
which, for how long it took me one time to sort it out, isnt worth the time or phone bill.


Amazing dining experience.

no complaints.
great service, prompt and friendly.
reasonable prices
always very clean and hygenic
great selection of food
only ever had to wait for service and a table once on a busy day.
overall 5 stars!!


apparently its fine for a man to allow a 5'4 woman to carry a matress up two flights of stairs!

when we brought the double bed and mattress, we were assured that the delivery man would bring it up to the room (we live in a 2nd floor appartment) so that i, a 19 year old woman of 5'4 wouldnt have to break my neck in a miserable attempt to take my £400 worth of purchase to my door.

when we received an email saying that it would only be delivered to the nearest accessible door, i phoned up straight away to complain.
this was when i was told that they were 'very sorry' and that i was informed wrong, as the delivery guy 'isnt insured' to carry anything further than the front door.
when i asked if they were trying to say their 6'4 muscley delivery guy couldnt carry it for me, but my 5'4-ness had to, i was outraged when they said there wasnt anything else they could do, apart from if i paid an extra £50, they could 'possibly find someone to assist him'
i then pointed out that in the small print on the contract it clearly said, 'where safe to do so, the product will be deliverd to the room of my choice'
to which i got the reply something along the lines of, 'thats only for a two man delivery, if you want a two man delivery, you have to specify it'

complete rubbish!

then the second delightful issue arrose, my 'delivery slot' which should be called delivery WEEK, was from 7am to 7pm.
so when i told them there would be no one there before 9, so it would be good if they could just avoid those two hours in a space of the 12 hour delivery slot, still leaving them with 10 hours to choose from, all i was told was that they'd 'make a note' on the delivery form and they 'might be able to work arround it'

end of the day, worst delivery i have ever had, regret every bit of purchase, would definitly not reccomend it, and would definitly definitly definitly never shop there again, infact i'd probably prefer to find a bed on the road side than to go through the hassle of shopping at Mattress Man again.

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Maddie, 19, Leicester.
just moving house so finding first hand about alot of different companies services etc.