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Good customer service, bad products

First the good: customer service is excellent and the staff are friendly and helpful. Now the bad...

The first order went fine. Good delivery time and acceptable products. I was so happy that I ordered some tiles. I put in next day delivery and booked my tiler for the following day. When the tiles hadn't turned up by 5pm I called BB only to be told that they couldn't find the driver, 'he's gone walkabout' she said.

The tiles turned up the following day, and 10 were cracked.

Next, I ordered a toilet, with 48 hour delivery. It arrived on time, but the box had already been opened and there was no internal packaging. Someone had written 'please return to...' on the outside, so it was clearly second hand.

BB offered to replace it. The replacement was cracked. BB offered another replacement.

I eventually got my toilet 5 days after delivery. And BB's way of saying sorry: a £10 refund, even though delivery had cost me £45!

I wasted 3 days of work (2 deliveries of faulty products plus the tiles which didn't turn up on time) and it seriously delayed the installation. AND the damaged goods have still not been collected meaning a FOURTH day off work.

Quite frankly, £10 is an insult and I just can't trust BB or the quality of their products anymore.


I ordered from Big Bathroom with a delivery time of 3-5 days. I called on day 4 only to be told to 'stop calling before 5 days is up'. I still hadn't received my toilet on day 5, so I called, and I was told that the toilet was out of stock, it would take another 2 weeks at least.

At no point did anyone attempt to contact me to tell me this. It meant I had to order from another company and delay the installation.


Brilliant for beginners

I can't express highly enough how pleased I've been with Tso over the past few years. And it's all down to their customer service. The team is just fantastic. They respond to emails almost immediately, and are very happy to guide a beginner like me and to even take control when I don't understand what needs to be done. That's really important when things go wrong, as they sometimes do.

It's a small company with reasonable prices and I'm proud to be a customer.

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