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Machine Mart Ltd

Not Acceptable Customer Service

Went to buy a log burner from the Barnsley store and while there asked the sales person when the next VAT free day would be. We were told there wasn't going to be one until around Easter time (March) We needed the log burner we purchased one as we were not able to wait another 10+ weeks.

The log burner was delivered two days later accompanied by an email saying that the local store had a VAT free day the next weekend!

Not impressed to say the least. Sales person might have made a nice £100 extra profit by being devious but they have lost a customer.


'Compromised Account!'

Placed an order 4 weeks ago, didn't hear anything so have just phoned and have been told they emailed me.

No email recieved at my end: Turns out they had another persons details on my account!

Quote " You have two accounts with Saxoprint, one was opened in 2008"

Errrr No Saxoprint, I only set the account up 4 weeks ago!

I have taken the incident up with Paypal as Saxoprint failed to understand that a compromised account is a security issue.

I asked to esculate the incident and was told "That is impossible as the owners live in Germany and won't talk to you"

Guess it's my fault for selecting what I thought was a good offer from a reputable company. Guess I was wrong.

Oh and if you wan't to cancel an order after reading this... That will cost you at least £12 !

Wish I had read the reviews before placing my order.

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