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Great place to write about how angry you are

We have several online businesses.  We sell between 10,000 and 15,000 products per month.  Approximately 99.98% of our customers are satisfied, although the other 0.02% are dissatisfied. 

Almost all of our dissatisfied customers write a negative review on Trustpilot. The figures show that only 1 happy customer out of 80,000 happy customers, will actually leave a review and positive feedback for us on Trustpilot. 

Trustpilot, therefore does not reflect a genuine percentage of negative feedback against the number of satisfied customers.  Hence, Trustpilot does not give a full and accurate picture of the company being reviewed.

I have purchased millions of items both for my personal use and for business.  I have never left a positive feedback on Trustpilot.   I have however, left 1 negative comment and that is regarding Trustpilot.  I am incredibly annoyed with Trustpilot, this negative feedback sums up this review site ; annoyed people will take time out to write a negative review. 

For example, I have reviewed the feedback for on Trustpilot. Trustpilot review Yodel couriers as 1star, "very low" with a total of circa 1500 reviews, circa 1350 are 1 star rating and the other 150 make up the other ratings.  However, there is no mention that there was circa 200 million parcels safely delivered last year, so what happened to the other 199,998,500 customers and their feedback experiences? 1350 negative feedback against 200 million delivery should not deserve a "very low" feedback as Yodel is working on a circa 99.99935% satisfaction, that's 1 unhappy customer for every 148,000 safe delivery, Surely thats unfair to give Yodel "very low"

Who's got time to leave feedback for everything you purchase that you're happy with? You only take time out to complain!

To sum it up; Trustpilot does not reflect an accurate picture where customer feedback is concerned.  eBay feedback is probably the most genuine feedback that is out there, because, at least 50% of eBay users leave feedback whether it be positive or negative.

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20 August 2012

Reply from Trustpilot

Hello Review Master,

Thanks for your feedback. I agree with you that Trustpilot is a magnet for negative feedback and that people find it easier to write negative than positive reviews. But it's not the same as saying that it gives an inaccurate picture.

It all drills down to motivation. If you have a bad experience, you want fairness and writing a negative review can give some kind of relieve. The other type of motivation that drives consumers to leave reviews is when they get they feel that the company actually wants to listen. The simplest way to do so is simply by asking: What do you think about doing business with us?
Fortunately, most businesses are treating the customers nicely. If your customers are happy with you, they won't mind spending a minute on leaving some positive feedback.

When we looked at the numbers from all reviews in 2011, we found that 72% of them were 5 starred reviews and only 6% were 1-starred. You can read more about that on our blog:

Best regards,
Joakim Ditlev

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