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The company has made no effort to help me to resolve an issue I had with my office furniture. The delivery was very average, The desk was great but the walnut effect was unacceptable with worn edges and a piece of vinyl missing as if it was once display model. We had to doctor it ourselves before it looked acceptable. A tear appeared in the office chair. Saxen put together a story and said I had caught it on a sharp object such as my desk corner. The tear actually appeared from what started off as a tiny blemish in the leather which began to open up as it was sat on. The service I have received is unacceptable as I haven't even paid for these items yet and I feel very let down by the service I have received. They even had the cheek offer me a new chair that was still over £80 considering we had already forked out well in excess of £500.

21 August 2012

Reply from Saxen Ltd.

Having taken advantage of our interest free payment option, I am sorry that you feel that Saxen has made no effort to resolve your issue(s). We are fairly puzzled as to why you feel this way...
Please refer to the terms and conditions regarding purchasing goods online. If goods are received in an unsatisfactory condition, then either replacement parts are supplied or if necessary, a complete replacement. Following delivery of the desk, no email or telephone call was received from Mr Stone to advise that the desk was in an unsatisfactory condition. We do not, under any circumstance, expect our customers to have to 'doctor' their goods to make them presentable. This would be clearly unacceptable.
With regard to your chair, Saxen initially took the decision that it had been damaged in some way due to what appeared to be a hole in the seat base rather than a tear. However, we then sent your complaint to our distributor's technical department who after inspection of your photo, concurred that the rip/hole in your chair was not the result of a manufacturing fault.
Saxen do not take these complaints lightly and where possible, we make every effort to resolve our customer complaints satisfactorily. As we were unable to provide a replacement chair under warranty, we offered substantial discount on an alternative chair. I am sorry that you found this unacceptable.
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