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Absolutely dreadful courier used by Very.co.uk

I used to have many parcels reliably delivered by a friendly driver.
Around the time of the name change to Yodel the so called service became very unreliable.
Not only were parcels delivered a week after their due date, they try to put the blame on the customer by stating on their tracking unable to deliver. In my case, on every occasion this has been complete and utter rubbish as I was in all day waiting for delivery. I have wasted weeks of my life waiting for this firm to deliver.
Once again, they have let me down on my recent order from Very.co.uk I wasn't aware when I placed my order that Very.co.uk use Yodel. Had I known I would never have ordered.
Guess what. I am sitting here right now, wasting my life waiting for parcels to be delivered which were supposed to be here 2 days ago.
Sorry Very.co.uk but until you change your courier I won't order from you again.


Negative customer reviews not acceptable it appears

I booked a b&b through late rooms. The b&b stated pets accepted. When we arrived we were shown to our room with our dog. 10 minutes later, the managers appeared and very rudely told us to leave as they did not accept dogs and added that they couldn't be bothered to clean the rooms afterwards (sounds unbelievable but true!!!) Myself, my husband, son and dog were forced to be accommodationless at 7.30pm in the middle of nowhere. I contacted late rooms a few days later to complain and obtain a refund. My refund never arrived and I have had to claim it through my credit card as services not provided.
I was invited via email from late rooms to write a review of the b&b. It reflected an honest portrayal of my experience. Late rooms did not publish it. I later asked why via email but no answer. My review was in no way rude or infamatry . From my experience I now believe that the reviews shown on late rooms are biased towards positive and cannot be trusted. My opinion is backed up by reviews of this b&b on other websites (i.e. trip adviser) from people who had similar experiences but trip adviser were not afraid to publish an honest review it would seem.
My advise is to check the reviews on trip adviser and elsewhere before booking and don't just rely late rooms reviews.

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