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Reactive (if you're lucky), proactive, they don't understand

Like all insurance companies they are really evil incarnate. But that's just my opinion so consider the following scenario:
Let's say you have a worrying medical problem so you go to see your GP.
He/She says you need to be investigated further urgently by a specialist.
As you have medical insurance you are able to make an appointment with a chosen specialist.
He/She instigates tests, scans, MRI's etc.
The prognosis is that you're ok at the moment but need to be monitored closely to ensure that nothing sinister develops.
And here's where it all falls apart. To your GP you're now 'under the care' of a specialist consultant so observation/monitoring is not their problem. Believe me, they wont be contacting you.
But as Simplyhealth only consider paying out for a worsening of a condition or new symptoms, not regular observation/tests/monitoring/follow up appointments, how are you being looked after?
Answer, you're not because Simplyhealth only operate reactively, not proactively.
And for what it's worth, having been a member of Simplyheath in a company scheme, when I left that employment I wanted to continue my health care unbroken I found that my loyalty was rewarded by increased premiums far more than joining new from scratch!
And to give you some figures the premiums now are around £10000 per year for myself, my wife and one daughter. Or we can get that down to around £8000 a year by accepting a £500 excess each. Meanwhile this year Simplyhealth have just taken away their foreign travel protection (just because they can).
Why bother with them?


B of E rate = 0.5%, Santander SVR = 4.74%!

So, we know the Bank of England rate has been at 0.5% for the last 4 years. Not good news for savers admittedly but much better if you are borrowing.
But it does beg the question as to why Santander's Standard Variable Rate is 4.74% - that's 4.24% above!!
Try phoning the mortgage advice line and ask something like 'What's 2 + 2?". Well if it's not on their script, how could they possible answer?
Don't think I'll go near them with a barge pole.

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Trust Trustpilot

So how do you tell a good company from a bad one? Ok you can ask your friends etc. but how many reviews would that take into account? If we all log our opinions, good or bad, just maybe the big corporates will finally improve their customer services using real trained personnel not computers and foreign call centres.


Website false claim

Take a look at BMI's website should you have a sick child needing a specialist consultation: 'Whatever your concerns or needs, you can book an appointment directly as no referral letter is necessary, by phone, fax or email - and there's no need to wait', they say. Well I didn't want to wait, I wanted my daughter to see a consultant urgently. So I phoned for that appointment - only to be told that they will in fact not make one without a referral from our GP. And since it takes around 10 days to get a GP appointment it kind of all defeats the object really!

Travis Perkins

Product guarantees with no guarantee

Iflo is Travis Perkins own brand for showers etc. Take a look at their literature and you'll see plenty of wording about guarantees. But interestingly there is no phone number to call, no email address and no postal address.
So how do you make a claim for some faulty materials? Well you are supposed to go to the branch of purchase where it will all be sorted out for you - NOT. Branches are staffed by not very bright sale people who have absolutely no interest in helping you. Of course I've only visited the branch twice, called 4 times and having eventually found a head office address called them 3 times. Perhaps I'm not working hard enough! Oh, and my plumber thinks the products are rubbish anyway.

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22 minutes to answer the phone

Having ordered a Currys dishwasher I called to see about the delivery as I hadn't been given a date after a week. Well it only took 22 minutes before the phone was answered!
And having paid the extra £20 for installation and arranged with a colleague to receive delivery as I could be present all day myself the delivery person said they couldn't remove old washer or install new one as the water wasn't turned off. Over the phone I said you can turn the tap off to shut the water off but 'we're not allowed to do that" was the reply.


Great Service

Having decided on a Tissot for my wife it was ordered in the morning and arrived 9.30 am next day! Free delivery and a better price than some others!
It's a lovely watch, only that Tissot included the wrong instruction manual in the box (second time Tissot have done this - and yes you do need a manual).
Would be very happy to order from Thewatchgiant again.

Watch Shop

False Claims for Delivery Times

The website advertises dispatch same day, delivery next day.You have the option of paying by credit card or PayPal. As I have a PayPal account this was my choice. However next day came and no delivery. An online check at Watch Shop revealed no dispatch. 'Why is that?', I emailed and 'phoned Watch Shop. Answer: 'They are waiting for manual verification which can take 48 hours!' So having checked my PayPal account to find that the payment had in fact indeed been taken I spoke to PayPal who could not understand why the goods were not dispatched and therefore raised a dispute accordingly. We'll see what happens now but fortunately I'm near enough to Watch Shop to visit in person if needed! And I was just about to make another purchase. So Watch Hut next time (but I'll check reviews first!). Update: received an email next day - my order cancelled by Watch Shop with no explanation!

ordered pm, delivered next day

delivery company gave a 1 hour time slot for delivery and were bang on time

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