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Pathetic Excuse for an Online Business is nothing but a shady operation, one that builds their business on deception and greed. While I totally understand and respect that businesses have a right to establish policies for refunds/exchanges that protect their financial integrity, this company's approach is to dupe and dismiss their consumers with little regard for quality service or customer satisfaction... as long as they can ensure a profit in the end. This company apparently contracts with dress designers/manufacturers and then sells the dresses on their website. When I ordered a dress a couple of weeks ago, I specified and paid for Express Delivery. Though they asked me to provide a "wear date", I thought little of it until I realized that they then use this wear date against you in order to prevent cancellation of the order... tactics designed to force you into keeping the purchase or being stuck with "store credit". A couple of days after placing my order, I saw that this company had no intention of honoring my request for Express Delivery, instead stalling until they could finally say "Oh well, sorry... too late. We're keeping your money whether you like it or not, as long as you have the dress by the wear date". This practice is outrageous, unethical, and most of all illogical, especially for purchases that do not involve custom designs or alterations. If I do business with company more than once, it is because I come back as a satisfied customer, not because rude, arrogant salespeople are only worried about filling their pockets on poor quality, overpriced, garbage merchandise.

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