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Great casback site but payout times vary.

I've been with Quidco since June 2006 and had £786 cash back paid less membership fees of £35 (£5 per year for 7 years).
I'm not a big online spender being on an incredibly limited budget, most of that cash back (~90%) is from switching utilities and phones, and the rest from whatever spending I do to buy birthday/xmas pressies (~6%) with the remainder being what I consider necessary items (~2%), always shopping around for the best deal I can get. The remaining 2% has been from referrals.

I've used a few other cashback sites previous, but Quidco has always beaten them, either in terms of cashback offered or in actually paying out.
I've had 269 transactions, and only had 1 declined for 21p that I would consider to by in error in 2007 which I didn't raise with them, another single 1 declined for 16p because I used a gift voucher which I felt was dubious but down to the retailer, not them which I also didn't raise. There was another one for £60 in 2008 with dialaphone that tracked and but dialaphone declined for no reason, but when I raised a ticket the Quidco team sorted it asking for evidence of order and contract then with no further no problems it was paid. When raising similar transactions with a competitor cashback site I got the less helpful response of "they've declined your cashback", there's nothing we can do - never used them again!

The time it takes to pay out varies very much by retailer, some can take months and months, but others confirm in days and get paid out quickly. Cashback gets paid straight into my bank account which is easy and they just payout whatever they owe each month with no fuss.

I'm going to keep using Quidco, whilst there are some that are free for similar cashback (i.e. £5/year better) I feel better using Quidco as feel sure they'll pay out which is a big deal to me!!!

VetMed Supplies Ltd

Quick delivery, hassle free order.

I ordered various prescription items, for my rabbit that I usually get from my vet. It difference in prices varied from being around 30% to 70% cheap, so even taking into account my vets £12 prescription charge, I still saved 35-40% overall (postage was free as over £50 and I got an extra 5% off using a facebook voucher code). The items were well packed and arrived intact, despite there being 8 glass vials in the order. Anything that could leak was sealed in a zip-lock bag. I emailed my prescription and had a response in just a few minutes saying the attachment hadn't come through, so I resent and again in a very short time frame got acknowledgement. Despite the free shipping, my items arrived approx 2 and a half days later which was sooner than I expected. I have never ordered prescription animal meds before (have ordered non-prescription for another supplier who were more expensive this time and didn't have the correct format of one the drugs I needed) and was pleased with how easy it was, and was concerned about the delay, thinking I'd not get meds sent out before they received they paper copy in the post, but they sent out based on the emailed copy although did require the paper one to follow.

I'll definitely be using them again, although with the amount my vet charge for prescriptions it will likely only be when I need several medications for one animal. but it's worth noting if your pet needs repeat prescriptions you can ask for this on one prescription so might save on just one medication that way.

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