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Simple Job highlights quality and customer service issues

It should have been pretty straight forward printing 500 double sided business cards.
But, after my job was put on hold i had to contact my customer to inform them the job would not despatched until Monday 10th for delivery Tuesday 11th, this they were fine with.
I received the Despatch Confirmation email on Mon 10 16:04. All was going well.
Until on Tuesday 11th in the morning at 10:15 i receive a phone call from Janet explaining the business cards had not been despatched due to a quality issue and they were going to reprint the cards this was going to take 2 further days (my customer would receive them on Friday), during this conversation I had to ask several times if this type of problem was covered under the Despatch Guarantee promise, as clearly RCS were not going to mention it., Janet said 'i don't know i will have to ask my manager'. I was deeply unhappy that RCS had waited until the day my customer was due to receive the print before notifying me that there was a problem.
I then telephoned my customer and explained the problem to them, they were also unhappy as the cards were being resold on and their client, who had made arrangements to come and collect on Tuesday.
I then received a phonecall from my customer explaining they had received the business cards that supposedly had not been dispatched due to a quality issue. My customer said to carry on with the reprint as they also were busy and did not have the time to check all 500 cards.
I was then back on the phone again to RCS to inform them the cards had been received by my customer. The customer service advisor was professional as usual 'You're joking!' was the response. No, i definitely was not joking.
If you set your customer expectations so high and the price is more than they would normally pay, it is even a bigger fall when there are customer service failures such as this above, my customer has told me that it has damaged our relationship and also his relationship with his customer, potentially no more orders for me or for him from his client.
I am also perplexed with all these so called wonderful RCS quality checks in place, why it came down to a lady in the packing area to spot the problem? To her a massive Thank You, otherwise we would have even more of a problem to sort out, if that is possible.
I also have not received any apology or explanation from RCS for this debacle.
We are reseller of print for RCS, but won't be for much longer as all the customers we used to have for print have gone elsewhere due to problems with the print, delivery, service or price from RCS. We have been embarrassed again by RCS's poor customer service and inhouse communication, but as long as they are OK, nothing else matters.

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