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Fast and painless service

What more can I say? Ordered the blind for a nice discount from the price at Velux. Blind arrived quickly, works perfectly and is a genuine Velux product. Top banana.

Glasses Direct

Awesome, quick and hassle free

I placed my order in the run up to Christmas hoping they would arrive before NYE. A few days later I received an email stating I needed to give the prescription team a call and it transpired that they needed to measure my pupillary distance - I could either ask my optician or send in some old specs, so I chose the latter.

The very next day a SAE arrived with a glasses case for me to send my old specs in for measurement. All I had to do was pop in my specs, seal it up and post it - super easy.

They received my old specs and sent them back really quickly - by now it was the Christmas break and I lost hope of receiving the new glasses before NYE due to the amount of time businesses close for. However, my specs arrived on the Saturday before NYE!

All in all very impressed, new glasses are great and the turnaround time was very good considering the time of year. If you're considering testing these guys out I wholeheartedly recommend doing so. Never done this before online and am delighted.


Extremely poor customer service

Exceedingly disappointed (please add appropriate amount of stress on those two words, appropriate being vast quantities thereof) with your customer service.

I bought a tent in May which I used twice before the zip broke, emailed about potential for returning and getting a new one. That email was not replied to for two weeks so I emailed again and finally got confirmation this was okay - all good. Was told it would be picked up last Friday (10th August), waited all day and no-one arrived so called up and was told that it was driver error and they would collect Monday (13th) and that out of courtesy they would release my new tent to arrive on Tuesday 14th since I need the tent urgently to use again next week. The driver did collect on Monday 13th so everything felt back on track.

Tuesday 14th came, waited in all day and nothing. Called up around 3pm and asked for advice, was told they would call me back within 30 minutes. Did not receive a call. Called back and spoke to the same lady who apologised and said she would call me back by 5.30pm with news - did not receive a call.

Wednesday 15th arrived and I called at 9am to chase this and was advised to wait in all day as they would be delivering between 9am and 5.30pm, which I duly did. No tent. Attempted to call Customer Services but no answer.

This morning I called again at 9am and asked (what sounded like the same lady yet again) about my delivery. I was told the delivery company "could not find my address" and it was a failed delivery. How they missed my extremely obvious address on a long road of well-numbered terraced houses (with no houses on the other side of the road) is beyond me. Told delivery would be made today between 9am and 6.30pm and they took my mobile number to give to the driver (but oddly didn't go as far as confirming my address) and I was to enjoy another day sat around at home waiting for my replacement tent.

5.30pm arrived and I had no tent so gave Customer Services another call, by this time they were beginning to know who I was! Asked about delivery and was assured it was "out for delivery" but this time "between now and 7pm". Asked for the tracking number for peace of mind but did not receive it since "the UK Mail tracking website just went down", seems odd that tracking numbers aren't stored in your own Customer Relationship Management system. Was *promised* by the Customer Services lady that she would email me the tracking number "within 5 minutes", which (as we can now all guess since the theme of this story is fairly obvious) did not happen.

It is now passed 7pm, I do not have a tent but what I do have is three days of sitting at home listening for the doorbell and unable to get things that require leaving the house done. I also have a terribly bitter taste in my mouth from this whole experience and will never buy another thing from Mountain Warehouse.

I am unable to remain home tomorrow all day for the fourth day in a row and I am going camping from Tuesday next week onwards (which was made clear from my very first contact with Mountain Warehouse with regards to needing this tent and seeking a replacement). I cannot trust Mountain Warehouse to deliver the tent on the Monday and thus will be cancelling my order and expect a full refund.

I usually shop at Millets or Blacks but thought I'd give you guys a chance as you seemed great but as with most things that seem great on the surface this experience has been whittled down to a pointy shard of disappointment, frustration and regret.

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