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Auslogics Disk Defrag Professional (ADDP) :: Hands down the BEST Defragmentation software on the market; PERIOD!

I recently have downloaded the 30-day FULL VERSION trial of Auslogics Disk Defrag Professional (ADDP). After extensively reviewing the program and field testing it on my ASUS N90Sv notebook with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, running four Seagate SATA hard drives (two (2) internal 250GB (drive C:), 500GB (drive D:); external a pair of 1.5TB (1500GB) (drives F: & G:, respectively)); 4GB RAM and an integrated nVidia Cuda 130M 1GB vRAM (18.4" monitor), I could not believe how fast the program defragged my drives. Consolidating the free space on the drives and the defrag took a little over an hour.

Second, this time frame also took into an off line defrag that I was even more impressed because I never before came across a software package that could actually defrag the $VOLUME, $MFT, and Journal $J portions of an NTFS Windows drive, successfully... This is a fabulous feature because it will alleviate the need or necessity to run CHKDSK every time Windows states that it needs or you suspect it is necessary to run it.

Furthermore, comprehensiveness of the Auslogics Defrag Pro software was second to none. Offering up informational hints along the way and detailing each drive, hard or otherwise, (yes, it also can differentiate between SSD (Solid State Drives) and HDD drives, if it cannot it gives you the opportunity to do so manually) with a "Last Operations Results" profile for each drive, and an option to view a more detailed report in an XML Style format. A full, detailed XML System Report is also offered so that the end user has an up-to-date evaluation of all the drives in use at that moment the ADDP program is running. Also, mouseovers allow further detailed information where applicable.

Finally, you do have the option to exclusively make the ADDP program to take over to be the primary integrated defrag program instead of the Windows' defrag program. Complete with a full scheduler and, simple Wizards that allow you to compile individualized drive profiling for future defragmentations, and a priority profile resource that allows you to tell ADDP how aggressively the program uses your computer resources during the program's running.

There is an online manual for the program, but at the time of this review I was unable to access the website due to an internal error at their end. I emailed them to see if there was an off-line version in a PDF format just review it further. However, you really do not need it for the basic defragmentation operation.

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I have been in the computer business for the past 20 or so years... Though I am not a programmer I have extensive hardware and software knowledge far beyond the average computer user (and still have lots and lots to learn, mind you :) ... I believe in the honesty of the end user and what the person has to say about the particular product that caught their ease of use or liking. I will always give a fair, honest and objective review whenever and wherever if at all possible. I have a "no holds barred" opinion when it comes to software that I like and some that I do not think it worth the money (or even the time) even if it is a free piece of software or shareware.