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Do not touch with a barge pole!

Shocking attitude and totally let down. Initially they looked good with good range of stock, great prices and a professional looking website. First problems occurred when the site crashed at the check out. They were particularly unhelpful in trying to work out whether the transaction actually went through, then trying to place the order again over the phone. "do you actually want my business" was my initial thought.

The real issues then arose with coming up with the goods. Between 1 and 3 days was the promise for delivery. "We'll call the day before to let you know", they said. Day 3 comes along and still no phone call, so back on the phone. "Oh yes, we're dealing with it, you'll hear later today". And sure enough, phone call follows later that day. Maybe not so bad I thought..."about your fridge freezer sir", "what the one I've been waiting 3 days (and a weekend) for, during this heat wave with a family of 5", "yes, sir, well I'm afraid it's not in stock". I'll save you from the emotionally charged response and lack of decent explanation but in summary it appears a good price is never as good as it seems.

Have ordered it elsewhere and the same model is turning up tomorrow.

I'm pragmatic enough to realise that things don't go to plan sometimes, but the numerous dealings led me to the conclusion that this lot have deep rooted organisational issues and have no clue how to do business. There needs to be repercussions for cowboys like these and if this review helps to either, a) get them to buck up their ideas and/or b) deter others, then job done.

Avoid, avoid, avoid!!!

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