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Getting my bike fixed at Halfords cost me money, time, stress and sunny cycles!

I bought my bike to Halfords to be fixed, a quick job, but it promised to be cheaper than buying the tool I needed to do it myself.

I took it in on a Saturday, they said they'd have it done by Monday. Tuesday evening so far and it hasn't been touched.

It's cost me £20+ plus for travelling, stress, phone calls and robbed me of cycling in glorious weather.

They haven't kept me informed at all. When I call it generally take a minute or two for the phone to be answered and transferred to the Bike Hut, where I am usually put on hold indefinitely. Luckily it's close by so it's not too much bother to pop in, but they still keep me waiting for a good 15 minutes.

All my friends said I was mad to be taking it there, but I thought I'd try.How wrong I was. I'm also thinking of upgrading my bike next month, I'd even seen one in Halfords that I liked. I won't be getting it from there for sure! More info here

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