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Great service, just so easy.

Ok so here's my second review (I'm still a little bored and in need of something to do)

Lovefilm. What can I say. I don't really think about it any more it just happens. There has been the odd issue, where I sent back a dvd and it took ages to arrive back, and where they sent me the wrong disc. But hey mistakes happen from time to time, and the way I look at it, it's how you deal with those mistakes that really define you, and they dealt with it, no hassle, that's what I like, there's enough stress in this world already!

Anyway I have my list of films, I tend to add a few here and there, they come, I watch, I send them back. I also have the games option too but haven't made much use of that yet. To be precise my package consists of unlimited dvd/blu-ray/games, 2 discs at a time, and unlimited online streaming.

I can't remember exactly what I pay now, around £10 a month I think, but considering what I used to be paying at blockbuster that's fine with me.

I'd definitely recommend them, and I'm pretty sure they do a free trial, so give them a go, what have you got to lose. :-)


Great value and hassle free

I've bought from this site a few times now and thought I'd share my opinion with others by writing this review. This is my first ever review for anything! but I'm at a loss for something to do right now so why not! lol. I've just completed my latest order, and it's just so easy.

Extrascents have a fairly good range of products but more would be great. For me that has been the only downside to what otherwise so far has been an excellent shopping experience. It's even better after you've made your first order as you don't have to enter all your details (delivery address, card details etc) again. A bonus for me as I'm not keen on filling out forms etc, hence this being my first review.

The website is easy to find what you're looking for. The prices are very competitive, and the ordering is hassle free. They offer a free delivery service, always a bonus, and so far everything I have ordered has arrived just as I'd expect. I haven't had any dealing with their customer services yet so I can't really say how helpful they are. They do however send you an email after a couple of weeks asking you to review the product (not the service mind?) and send you a discount for your next order if you complete the review.

I'd definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a bargain on fragrance and cosmetics.

Keep up the good work Extrascents (I wonder if they'll offer me a discount for this review ;-)

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