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Totally useless, lack of communication, the worst customer service ever!!!

The company seemed so friendly till we paid their money. First off all, we were told on the phone the custom expenses in Turkey would be around £200-300 but we paid £600. When I told them this, they said ''When goods are sent by sea they have no influence over the charges at the other end which is why would never commit to giving a figure'' but one of them did and I took his word for this and send my boxes with this company.

One of the customer representatives (Mel) started ignoring my emails when I asked for a sensible refund. Then I finally manged to get their manager's name from their live chat session. His name is IAN WEST and emailed him, asking for help and did I get a reply? Nooooo!!! He didn't even bother because they already ripped me off, why should he?! Good customer service does not just include before you give service, it also includes after service Mr. West

I tried many times with Mel, Mychael Wilton and Jack...unfortunately I ended being more frustrated than ever! I was so disappointed not just because I felt I was totally ripped off and cheated, it was also sooo damn difficult to find somebody to deal with.

Lastly, I couldn't get my stuff from the Turkish custom because I didn't get a paperwork from London which was saying that I was moving to Turkey for good. When I asked Mel why I wasn't informed this, she said 'they weren't there to advise us what to do' what a crap attitude?! How come every single people I spoke to in Turkey who moved from abroad was advised by their REMOVAL company management to get that paperwork???

To sum up, I never worked with any companies like compare cargo rates. They are extremely friendly and helpful till they rip you off, after that you all alone my friend!!!

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