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Funky Moose

Dreadful! And manipulative!

Six weeks on and my order still hadn't arrived (that's half the 'use time' of a garment aimed at a 0-3 month child!). I was made to feel guilty for daring to ask what had happened and have been fobbed off with various excuses as to why they can't provide me with a refund (today's excuse is that they're moving warehouse).

And don't believe the 'free delivery' tagline - you will be charged!

In fact, the only area where this company has shown any efficiency was in extracting payment from my account the second the order was placed.

* * *

Since posting this review, I have indeed been contacted by the company and put under intense pressure to remove it.

Apparently, this review not only ruined their holiday but is going to destroy their business and make them and their three children homeless. Obviously, this is not my intention nor my wish, but I stand by my account as an honest reflection of my experience.

I do wonder, however, how many others have removed their negative reviews as a result of such emotional manipulation?

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04 September 2012

Reply from Funkymoose

In response to your updated review, I am sorry that you felt Michael's call was manipulative, that was not at all his intention.
I am sorry if you felt he placed you under pressure to remove the review, that was also not this intention. I believe he was attempting to understand if there was anything further we could do to address the issues highlighted in your review.
I appreciate you have a very strong view on how you believe we run our business, but I can assure you with a passion, we try our very best to get things right.
I can also assure you and anyone else reading this, that we have not contacted any other customers who have posted on trustpilot, and Michael's call was intended to be an apology, but clearly has made matters worse, and for that we are all sorry.

To prevent any future issues on non-delivery on items sent from seperate warehouses, we have de-listed all products not held in our own warehouse.
I realise this does not take away from the issues you have experienced, but will help us prevent any such issues in the future for other customers.


Dear Judith

I am sorry for the inconvenience and frustrations experienced. I know Michael has called to apologise and discuss, however I thought it would be useful to also respond to this review.
As we have previously disucussed the t-shirts were due to be delivered to you directly from a different warehouse, however, we became aware this had not happened. When we came to process the refund, as your card had expired, we contacted you to request new start and expiry dates in order to process your refund. As soon as received those details this week, we processed the refund.
I understand that you received our out of office message as our warehouse is undergoing major work this week and we have closed as a result, this is an sutomated message that responds to all inbound messages, however we are checking emails every day to resolve any issues and respond to any queries.
I apologise that your order charged delivery when it should not have as it just reached the £30 free delivery level, and the office should have refunded as soon as it was noticed, the web developer is looking into why this occured as it is a one-off and contrary to how our systems are set up (with regard to payment being taken, this is automatically processed as soon as an order is placed in order that it can be packed and despatched as quickly as possible).
I also wanted to apologise if you feel we made you feel guilty, that was not our intention at all, as a small family business, we were trying to offer a personal service and offer an explanation behind the issues.
As discussed with Michael earlier, the refund has been processed and will appear in your account in the next couple of days in line with bank payment processing timescales.

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