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The worst company ever!!!!!!!!!!!

I ordered an electrolux fridge freezer in May/2012 and was told there would be a three week wait.Fine,four weeks passed and not even a call to say what was happening with my order! So I called redhill and was told the fridge would be yet another 3 weeks! Ok so another 3 weeks passed and eventually a delivery date was given which i took a days leave from work so as to be there when the delivery arrived.... No delivery! No phone call ! just a number of emails to say there was a mix up in the warehouse... All in all ten weeks passed and no fridge freezer! Not a single apology!. The worst company I have ever dealt with! Customer service with in Redhill appliances is truly non existent! Would advise anyone thinking about ordering something from Redhill to think very hard about doing so!... Family of six left without a fridge freezer form May to the near end of August!!! Not acceptable! O and then nearly a three week wait on top of all that fro Redhill appliances to pay me my money back so as I could go elsewhere with my order..... Thanks for treating me like you did....

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