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Thank you for contacting the customer service
In response to your query sent on 01 January 2014, please find below the requested information.
We are very sorry but we cannot help you further with this matter.

We here at Gamesplanet only provide the buy&download service and can help if you have problems purchasing the game.

Since this game is activated through a third party platform, we advice you contact Steam support for any issues concerning the launch of the game, in-game problems, questions regarding the game play, multi-player options, multi-player accounts etc.

This is their support address: https:\\

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Your Customer Service

This is what I got from them, if you sell something you must back it up and stand by it, that is law, they are not aware of this it seems, dont go near them, they are crap.


A great idea

We could do with more of this, Trustpilot is a great idea.

28 August 2013

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Ray,

Thanks for using Trustpilot and posting all your reviews. Your contributions help us to build a better, more informed site and we look forward to seeing more from you in the future!

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At first very good

Received armchair as stated, superb chair, superb service, great firm, highly reccomended. This is what I thought at first but very soon the material used, (IT IS NOT LEATHER) started to peel of, I now have a bare left arm and its starting in the back rest, where you head goes, far from being high quality it is cheap crap. It is so bad now I have had to replace it. NOT FROM THESE CROOKS I hasten to add. stay well clear oj this rubbish firm !!!!
This is the response: Dear Mr Potter,

Following my escalation I have now received an update from the relevant individual.

I have been advised that we would not be able to agree to issue a refund for the chair. Based on the evidence that has been provided we believe the chair to have been misused or used in an environment in which is not intended or suitable for the chair. It is apparent that animals are in contact with the chair as it has been soiled, therefore, it would not be possible for us to determine whether the material issue has also occurred due to animals potentially damaging the item.

We therefore are unable to offer any further assistance.


My reply: We have all had a laugh at your response, the environment it was in was my living room, hardly an environment not suitable, I have nurses and carers looking after me all day who will swear in court that all I have ever done is set in this chair, as I am disabled and housebound that is all I can do, animals are in contact with the chair, I have no animals as they are not allowed here, you are obviously trying to get out of your responsibilities and as I don't give a dam about a few hundred pounds going to court and giving you national publicity is fine by me, your assessor or who ever he is has made an almighty mistake though I think it is probably you not wanting to take responsibility for rubbish, I will do all I can to show people just how bad a firm you are as I have plenty of money and contacts. This was for the Valencia Cinema swivel chair real leather they said but is just not TRUE, WHEN ARE PEOPLE GOING TO BE HONEST ABOUT THIS FIRM?

AVG Technologies

With AVG you will have no Glee

Requiring a good security suite I tried several, including AVG, which turned out to be one of the worst, if not the worst security suite. Purchased on January 14, 2013.
I applied for refund virtually straightaway, by March I still had not got a refund.
I rang on March 12, 2013 to ask where my refund was.
I then received an email stating that I was not entitled to a refund as I asked for it on March 12, 2013 and their policy was no refund after 30 days, I rang AVG to explain that I had not asked for a refund on March 12, 2013 but in fact had asked for refund in January 2013, proof was eventually found that I had indeed asked for refund in January.
I was then told that I could have a partial refund but not a full one, it shows that their administration is as poor as their software.

Purchased from a AVG at your peril.


Very dangerous

I asked iyogi to fix a fault on my computer and all they did was make it worse, they never fix the problem and somehow and for only reasons they know deleted completely another program, when I got my engineer in he said that they had made a complete mess. It took him hours to rectify their faults.They took £60 cancel fee (rip off) even though I cancelled because of there incompetence, it has taken over a year (still not paid) so far to get a refund of any description, steer well clear of iyogi, they are thiefs


No Good

Even when you have purchased a game steam still think that they own it, if you can't get on then you can not play your games that you have spent your money on, many times one cannot get on, they care not about customers and the support is garbage.



I have always used Amazon who are superb, but my carer said to me try eBay, I said I would for a very cheap items to see what they're like, the items sent was absolute garbage and went straight into the bin, on contacting the Seller (several times) I got no reply, on speaking to eBay about the problem they were not interested and were absolutely useless. I have cancelled my account with eBay, getting one was the worst thing I've ever done, cancelling ones account seems to take forever and I am not sure whether I have or not. Amazon are for customers, ebay is for money, even there so called help line is VERY expensive, Amazons is free.

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