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Worst customer service ever!

Just rejoined TalkTalk as unhappy with Plusnet. Already having problems contacting TalkTalk CS with their systems continually down and poor english. Tried contacting today and then got cut off and then couldn't make calls on my phone for about 40 minutes. Then tried 3 times on mobile but got cut off as soon as went through to operator, 4th time spoke to CS who said try tomorrow as "systems down". Last week I had similar "system down" problems when calling about problem for my mum. Also current problems with their online chat and email service. When out of contract will not go back to TalkTalk even if cheaper as not worth it. There is a world of difference between Plusnets good system and TalkTalks terrible one.


Plusnet - Not good or honest service

My Mums migration to Plusnet went wrong due to Openreach but Plusnet were next to useless getting it resolved and ended up taking a week. Meanwhile someone else had been given our number and we had someone elses. Took so long to resolve as Plusnet admitted they raised an incorrect fault as they didn't know what else to do! This caused my pensioner Mum lots of stress.
Trying to get things corrected was very difficult and involved many calls and having to be quite forceful which should be unnecessary.
Dealing with the complaints department was extremely disappointing and just exacerbated the bad experience. At first they put the complaint on the wrong account, they lied at one point, they did not read correspondence properly and they did not take a probable data protection breach seriously. At the end they issued a deadlock code and inferred we were just after money when they didn't offer much and we know they offered more to someone for the same problem that only lasted a day! Their cheap package also doesn't work out that cheap if you get caught for not included calls and extra broadband. Will leave ASAP.
UPDATE: Complained to CISAS and awarded full compensation requested. Note that Plusnet have increased some prices but you cannot leave without penalty if you had their 'free' connection and router within 12 months. I think a dis-honest way of keeping customers trapped when raising prices!

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