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Intersales Music

In a few words, they ruined my brother's birthday!

I put an order with them on the 19th of August (Sunday) for an Ibanez ART120, which had next day delivery guaranteed on their website. This was supposed to be a gift for my brother's birthday which was on 25th (Saturday).
I've seen that on Monday they changed the status of my order to In Packing, so I waited, thinking they'll ship it on Monday and I'll get it on Tuesday. But no, Tuesday it still said in packing so I called them, everyday from Tuesday until Friday receiving a different excuse every time: It will be with you on Wednesday, the guitar didn't pass Ibanez quality control so it will take longer, we don't have your order (that was Thursday after I've been on the phone with them for the last few days), we didn't have the guitar in stock, let me check and I'll call you back in 5 minutes (didn't call back, I call back "who are you? oh right we'll call you back in 5 minutes", didn't call back, I call back and they were very very rude), etc.

So on Friday I have asked them if I can come and pick the guitar up from them (having to drive around 300 miles to do that) on Saturday as it was my brother's birthday. They said yes, sure we'll have it ready by Saturday morning and we'll try and compensate you somehow. So on Friday evening just before the closing time, I called them again to ask them if they are sure I can come next morning, they're answer was: "We don't have the guitar, if you want you can wait until next week, or more (but the or more was almost whispered), or we can give you a refund".

Obviously I asked for a refund, so thanks Intersales Music (or The Music Shop, don't even know why you have two names) for ruining my brothers birthday. You are unreliable, a bunch of liars, and very extremely rude! AVOID at all costs. It seems it wasn't only me that had problems with them and it seems that they like to be rude to people.

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