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Spammers who got my email address illegitimately

I've never heard of this site, never signed up to them, and I'm always very careful about what I'm accepting when I sign up to any website. These people should not have my details. Spammers.


Got my key within seconds

Only used this shop once. But it was a very quick and cheap service. Will use again :)


Never heard of this site, never signed up to them. Spammers.

I've never heard of this site. Yet they spam me. I'm always careful about what I sign up to and what options I tick. Got a feeling they got my email from a chinese seller on ebay who I bought something from. But however they got my email, it was illegitimate.



I've never visited this site, never signed up to anything. I had my email address on Soundcloud for artist contact purposes only. I've never signed that email address up to anything. Someone took it from there and added it to a spamming list. These are one of the companies that are spamming me. I have no idea who they are and will never visit their site.


These guys took my email address and abused it. I never signed up to them!

I had my email address up on Soundcloud for contact purposes. These guys take it and use it to spam me with rubbish, selling it to other companies. It's not what it was there for. Never going to be interested in your site.

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These guys got my email address from data miners. I never gave it to them!

I've never heard of this site. Had my email address up on Soundcloud (an artist email that I've never signed up to anything with), and I start getting spam mail. These are one of the spammers. I'll never use your site for anything because of this, whatever you do.


Will use again. But a couple things bugged me..

While these guys did do what they were supposed to do. I didn't like the way that they wait until you've bought a game, and then inform you by email that they don't send out game codes/gifts after 9pm at night. They should really make this clear on their website. Also, I think they may have the exchange rate a little bit wrong. As the game ended up costing me about a quid more than it was meant to. I will use these guys again though.


Could do with making instructions more obvious. But I will use again..

The service was ok apart from the fact they didn't make the process of how to redeem the game clear on their website. I got a key for Blood Dragon, uplay version. I tried to activate it through the uplay client and it wouldn't work. I eventually heard back from GK4.Me the next day explaining that it was a promo code which I had to use through the uplay website in my browser, as if I was trying to purchase the game. Rather than just straight activate it through the client. Just wish they'd made this info clearer on their site to begin with. Could've been playing this game last night when I really wanted to. But other than that, they did ok.


Used this store a couple times. Service has been great :)

In the last few days I have bought 2 games from this site. Each of them very reasonably priced. And I received each of my serial keys within minutes! Plenty of payment options available as well.

I've experienced no problems so far. I think I will continue to use this store unless a game is cheaper from somewhere else that also provides a good service.

Thanks Online Key Store :)


Trustworthy and best prices going :)

I have a massive list of these type of sites which I go through everytime I want to buy a new game. This one is usually the cheapest out of the lot, or at least in the top 3 cheapest. I've only just started using them though because I didn't want to use google checkout before. And that's the only payment option these guys have unfortunately. I would definitely give them a 5 star rating if they had alternative payment options... But as I said - can't fault the prices and service they provide based on my purchase :)


No complaints

Cheapest place I could find to get the game I wanted. Received the key within seconds of payment clearing and it worked no problems. Good stuff. Will definitely be using again.


Good prices and delivery!

Bought some new equipment from this store for only a little more than it costs secondhand. Good delivery service also. Will definitely be checking back with these guys when I want some new audio equipment :)


Good service :)

Used these guys a couple times now. Cheap prices and fast delivery. Can't ask for more :)

ZiiP GameStore

Great Service :)

These guys have a good overall service here. They are one of the cheapest places to buy Steam keys and they deliver the key quickly. I think on my first order I had to wait about an hour and a half for the key, and on my second order I only had to wait about 15 minutes. Totally worth it for the money I saved. I trust these guys and will continue to use them. Cheers.


Saved a lot of money using value basket

Ordered a pricey new phone from value basket. I saved a significant chunk of money which made the week waiting for delivery so worth it! The only thing that put me off is the way the warranty sticker was broken on the phone box which made me think it had been used before. I'm guessing it could be because customs inspected the package? I'm not sure, but the phone works all good and I am happy I saved so much money :) The DHL tracking system was very good to and I was impressed with how quick they transported it to me! I will definitely be giving value basket another shot in future!


Something dodgey about this company and Yodel...

I ordered a phone from very.co.uk and when it arrived it didn't work. So they arranged for Yodel to come pick it up. But some how Yodel took a week to get it back to them. Then they made me wait even longer before sending out a replacement. After 3 weeks from sending the replacement never arrived. Apparently it went "missing". So they send out a third phone. Again we waste time waiting in on the supposed delivery date and the days following but it doesn't turn up. This one also went "missing". Where are all these phones going?

Something dodgey is going on here. Someone is stealing parcels, surely. The best Very have done is to say they now wont charge us postage. Well what good is that for something that I never received anyway? I want a discount on it if I ever get it. Very bad customer service also. They have just been using generic emails and very frustrating replies which haven't dealt with the matter. Not impressed.

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Euro Car Parts

Website is fairly good but customer service could be improved

Had some issues with this store. There were many failed attempts at getting the problem sorted and I got ignored a lot in the process. But after 4 months it finally gets sorted out. I do appreciate the resolution to the problem, but it's a shame it took so long to sort out. Also the fact that customer service kept ignoring my emails was really frustrating.

Giving a 1 star review on here sorted my problem out almost instantly. But 4 months of speaking to customer service did almost nothing. Maybe I wont bother with customer service next time!

03 September 2012

Reply from Euro Car Parts Limited

Hi Daniel,

Once again sorry for any inconvenience caused, and I give you my assurance that we will do much better next time.

Sales Director
Euro Car Parts


I trust these guys. Good service :)

Ordered a game and received the key straight after. Worked on Steam no problems. They make sure to give you any special instructions if necessary. Really cheap prices from these guys to. Will definitely be using this service again :)

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