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Optical Express

Decent results but customer service/expectations could be better managed

I had laser eye surgery 6 months ago. My prescription was strong (-6 in both eyes), and the results have mostly been brilliant. My vision is infinitely better than it was, and I have no need for glasses whatsoever. However, I do have problems with dry eyes that require eye drops every now and then, and I've had to do eye exercises to strengthen the muscles to help focusing. To be fair I was warned of the possibility of this before the surgery, and my eyes have always been a bit dry.

The positives - the surgeon was excellent, and the follow up care has been very good. Although I see a different optician each time, I have been for several follow up appointments and have been able to book as many extra appointments as I need. This is very much appreciated, as it means that any concerns I have can be quickly resolved by seeing an optician.

The negatives - as they are such a large organisation, going to optical express can feel a bit like you're on a production line. In particular, the day of the surgery involved lots of different people taking me out the room for various scans and things, and at no point did anyone introduce themselves or say where I was going. It was simply 'come with me'.

The other thing which I wish I'd been told before was that as well as not wearing contact lenses for a week before surgery, taking some time off work to ensure you're rested is essential. I was very busy at work at the time so was tired on the day of the operation. My eyes were sufficiently tired that I found it very hard to focus on the light during the operation as it stung my eyes, which lengthened the whole process. I suspect that if I'd been rested this wouldn't be a problem, and the surgery would have been swifter and the results better.

The people at optical express were always very keen to downplay the seriousness of the operation to reassure people, but actually it would have been better for them to have been a bit more honest and warned me to prepare a bit more.

Still, overall I'm very happy with my vision, and feel that my care has been very good.

Excellent service when delivery went wrong

There was a problem delivering my order - because Olympic organisers had blocked access for traffic to my work (where the bottle was being delivered). The drinkfinder team phoned me as soon as they heard, and we rearranged delivery to my home address for a different day. Item then arrived perfectly, exactly as promised. There were a couple of occasions when I had to phone to find something out, and the staff were always well informed, friendly and available.

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