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Disgusting service, dont use them!

We spent over £4000 for me, my partner, my 2 year old daughter and my 8 month old son to go to Florida for 1 week last July. We thought the price was expensive but was willing to pay it for a special holiday that we'd saved a long time for. On the flight on the way out their we were told there was no request put in for meals for our children or my partners mother who is coeliac. Me and my partner shared our meals with them so we were all very hungry on a 9 hour flight! We were told the accommodation was 4 star but was far from it. When we arrived the hotel had no record of our booking so spent the first few hours, in intense heat, in reception trying to get in touch with Thomas Cook and get a room sorted. The hotel were fantastic at sorting us out a room and helping us with the problem but the room we were eventually given was tiny, the cot was ancient and our daughter was expected to sleep in the sitting area on the pull out bed. It was NOT a room worth £4000! So for the whole week our daughter stayed in our bed with us so none of us got a good night sleep all week (well except my daughter!). We managed to enjoy the holiday regardless but complained when we returned. It took months to get a reply and when we did it was a letter just to say they would investigate. When we chased again we got another letter basically saying we should've complained to the hotel at the time about the room, the reservation not being passed on was down to a third part company that they booked the holiday through themselves and the flight meals were down to the airline. We didn't get any compensation or even an apology, which is all we wanted to restore our faith in Thomas Cook. We said we would never use them again, but I called them to get some prices for a last minute family holiday this year and was basically told to do the work myself and look in brochures because until I had an idea of a hotel I wanted they would only give me a rough price! Disgusting service. I will not use them again, and will stick to it this time!

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