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Absolutely abysmal service

Garment purchased in sale. Arrived with multiple manufacturing defects. I very much liked the garment itself, but could not accept paying full (sale) price for such a defective item. Craghoppers informed. Item was end of line, so no replacement, and it could not be be repaired. This left the only option of part refund. Craghoppers were not interested in assessing the defect in any way, and to that end would only offer a flat refund of £20% instead of my 50% suggestion. This 20% was unacceptable due to the severity of the defects that remained un-assessed by the firm. When the matter was escalated, they offered 100% refund, to my surprise. Great service I thought. But then arrived the sting in the tail. Craghoppers deleted my account and demanded that I not purchase their products again! Take home message: Craghoppers punish those who buy their faulty products & then pursue their legal rights. Avoid at all costs.

The Order Co Uk Ltd

Do not buy from here; unscrupulous traders

Avoid this organisation at ALL costs unless you want momentous problems. If you deal, you may well be defrauded, dealt with unlawfully and informed facts dishonestly. I ordered a phone from them and after inspecting the item thoroughly (perfectly within my rights) I returned it. At this point I took a closer look at their T&Cs and noticed multiple instances of unlawful terms that denied consumer rights.

I had every right to be concerned because the company then, despite refunding the phone amount, decided to STEAL further amounts of money from my account and unlawfully withhold all amounts relating to inward/outward postage.

Their courier also completely messed up delivery, failing to wait for someone to answer the door after 15 seconds. On the redelivery they did the same, but were just caught before driving away. When confronted about this they offered no plausible explanation, so do NOT use their courier where you've a choice. No apology from either them or TheOrder.

I called TheOrder a number of times and was confronted by, after presenting my issue, a ranting woman. After several acrimonious calls to her she decided to hang up and not take further calls. All my communications were essentially ignored from this point.

The company had several more stern requests before I decided to contact my bank as I'd paid by credit card. After some discussions with the bank, it transpired that TheOrder were LYING to the banks claims department to avoid a charge back claiming the phone had been sent back to me - It hadn't - but regardless the bank sadly didn't pay out to me.

It turned out the company had also made a fraudulent claim to the UK's national post provider (a prison-able offence) to the sum of about £500.00. Luckily they were stopped with my intervention. With no choice I issued legal proceedings against the company. They paid up, but even then outside of their legal deadline. In allowing this to drag on it cost them twice that had they just paid what they owed me originally.

To this day, the company still has unlawful terms & conditions on its website (, so I urge you to buy only with absolute caution from this trader unless you want to be defrauded.

All About-the-home

Avoid - unprofessional, poor service and legal rights denied.

I returned a faulty item to them and was entitled to reimbursement of costs under sale of goods legislation.

Although the lamp was replaced they failed to reimburse costs. Despite stating the above legislation they then tried to claim it was returned under warranty so they wouldn't have to pay costs - it wasn't.

They made excuse after lame excuse, all for the sake of a few pounds pounds. Ultimately they gave no option but to be threatened with proceedings, which promptly persuaded them to pay up.

Once again, avoid these sort of cowboy traders. Service zero, competence zero. One wonders how many years they've been denying other consumers of their rights. Poor, very very poor.

Okobe Ltd

Non existent customer service - buy here at your peril

Okobe's high review ratings here and elsewhere actually hide the true picture. The reviews are strenuously misleading and an ostensible smoke screen. They are based on customers who: do not have a problem, do not need to return an item, do not even need to contact the company in any way for any reason. If you don't fall into that category, you're in for the worse ride of you customer service life.

I ordered from okobe, and within hours trouble had started. No dispatch email was sent out, nor was the tracking information. Only by chance was I in when the courier arrived. Having realised I needed to upgrade my order I set about contacting the firm. Easy I thought. Wrong. I phone FIVE times, waiting on hold for over 20min on a premium rate number, but only got to speak to a person on a single occasion and very briefly.

It has been said on here that okobe use a call centre for customer services. I whole heartedly disagree. Its not a call centre - it's a 'call person' - a single person in a call centre, possibly called Jacob. They are nothing more than a conduit who could take details - they can't actually do anything useful themselves, because its always the Returns team, the Sale teams, the this team, the that team, that is needed. They couldn't put me through to ANY one else at all in the company, or even leave me on hold, but just take a number to be called back. Not on your life are you getting my number so you can spam to it.

I instead tried email. Big mistake, as this is also undoubtedly run by the same call centre that operates after work hours. Email sent Monday morning - a one line reply received nearly 12 hours later. Replied, and got a second email again 24 hrs later. Replied once more, and waited another 24 hrs to actually find out if I could upgrade my item. At this time I mentioned I had connected the first order up, and wondered if they'd still take it back for upgrade. No answer. Email them again, and finally receive an reply - but no answer to my question regarding upgrading - it had been sidestepped completely. Three days later I finally get a reply- that's EIGHT DAYS after the original query was put to them! In the end returning the item represented the prospect of yet more hassle, so I will sell it online and just suffer the loss.

All in all, appalling non existent customer service that makes WAE+ look good. I naively relied on the firm's good online reviews and was mistaken about their credibility, which is based purely on those who have not had a need to contact them or query any aspect of their order - which is not reality. Won't use them again no matter how cheap their products are.

BOTTOM LINE - AVOID this company if there's even the slightest chance you will need to contact them, change, or return an order. In simple terms - you will get no satisfaction whatsoever.


Almost caught out

Made an order without checking this review site first. Received nothing at first then requested an acknowledgement of the order. Also asked why their system wouldn't let me open an account.

Automated Acknowledgement stated the dispatch date. Nothing about the account.

Nearer the dispatch date I asked for confirmation the item would actually be dispatched. No reply. Dispatch date passed without any confirmation of dispatch.

Then discovered firm was in administration. Immediately emailed to cancel the order. Surprise surprise - no reply.

Emailed again later demanding the order be cancelled and eventually got an automated reply. No apology.

Close call. Poor service despite not actually receiving an order. Suspect the item was not even in stock.

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Outstandingly poor service and practices

As other's have said give this company considerable consideration before buying.

WAE's main problem, apart from appalling customer service, seems to be its employment of what can only be considered underhand, sneaky commercial practices.

Its main fault is that of it's free delivery option, which it is only ostensibly. In reality WAE pockets your money and sits on it making lots of interest. Then after two weeks it will dispatch your goods (if you're one of the lucky ones) on next day delivery.They'll claim otherwise of course.

If you're unlucky as I was, then after the two weeks waiting, WAE had not even ordered IN my item from their supplier! So cancelled the order as they were in breach of contract for not delivering when agreed.

They then embrace the worst clause in Distance Selling Regulations by allowing themselves another 30 days to 'process' your refund. They're under an obligation to do this "as soon as possible", but that will seldom happen. They'll claim otherwise.

They end up with 6 weeks of interest made off YOUR money for FREE. If like me you spent many minutes on the phone trying to complain and get resolution, you'll just have to write off that cost - you won't see it back.

You won't ever get satisfaction from complaining either. The call centre staff are as good as illiterate (the grammar and spelling in their emails is outrageous) and you'll never get to speak to Justina, the manager, because she appears to be, coincidentally, permanently in meetings (yet still able to send emails at the same time!). They will claim otherwise.

In the end I had to threaten legal recovery before I was taken seriously, and only then received a refund within a few days.

In a nutshell - avoid this organisation if you definitely want trouble free purchases.

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