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fun trip now more stressful planned trip

Just wanted to write & tell you all the stress I have been through with your company.
First of all I am a young student who is wanting to go to vegas for the 1st time with my roommate and we decided to book over expedia originally thinking it'd be easier. WOW WERE WE WRONG! Here's what has happened.
First tried to book online then it said to call a rep as there were problems with the flight. Then called and talk to (someone I could barely understand)who said he was unable to book flight and hotel together and tried to convince us to book just a hotel. Of course we said no as booking package deals are always cheaper!! (we are students, we are on a budget) So then we told him we'd call back. We then tried to book directly though the hotel with the package deal and had an email saying they'd contact us once the card went through.
Next morning found out are card BOUNCED!!We then found out our EXPEDIA REP made 3 DIFFERENT apparently pre authorized payments on our card (we are using a DEBIT VISA) which actually TOOK OUT the money from my account, which caused a bounce in the package we wanted to book.
Called Expedia back, she said within 24 hrs it would go back into the account. Called back 30 hrs later where they told me now itd be 72 hrs until it would be in my account after already waiting 24! SO as you can imagine I am very upset as prices are constantly going up!!! not to mention the HOURS waiting on hold!
So after more waiting on hold and more calling one rep to another explaining my story and then back to my bank telling me it was expedia's job to take it off not there's! I have definitely had the most stressful week this summer!
After it all I now am dealing with an investigation which is going to take up to 30 days. WHICH MEANS, I will be short all that money that was taking out for my trip, plus now all the flights have gone up almost $100 more! I did manage to get a $200 credit from expedia but with my flight budget I am now short.
You think at least my originally booking price is what I should be paying, as none of this was my fault! I never authorized any payments taken out of my account or anything to be booked!
I now am forced to book with them and am very nervous to as I DO NOT want this to happen again or else my trip is definitely cancelled, as I am now $400 less than originally budgeted.
As both of us working in hospitality I feel that this company has done nothing but make me feel unwelcome! telling me it was my fault and that my bank had to do it. Not taking ANY responsibility to their staff making mistakes. It has now been 6 days & I still do not have this trip booked. I am stressing out that it wont happen & my once "fun trip" has turned into the trip I almost don't even want to go on anymore.
I would hope in the future if this was to ever happen to anyone else, they will deal with this way more efficiently and more apologetic.
I suggest being able to talk to the SAME rep! from bouncing around, my experience was explained every time and I'm done telling it as it was not a good one. With my roommate being an avivid "twitter"er she has made it aware that this company has been running us in circles all week. 500 followers are bound to make an impression.

That is all I wanted to say.

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