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Universal Star Registry

Good, but slightly overpriced and the cd is far too complicated!

Even though the certificate is nicely presented and everything arrived ontime and well looked after, I couldn't help but feel I had paid a lot more money then I thought necessary. I may be missing the fact that I had just named a star after someone however, and people may loook at it differently. The CD I found really complicated to work and couldn't even get anything to happen from it. It was just full of loose files which wouldn't open enless some complicated procedure was done first. When contacting the company about this through email, the reply was very blunt and didn't help in the slightest, so I don't knoow if I was missing a whole loads more of information. I only give this three stars because even though the problems mentioned here were quite big, the range and quality of what did arrive, and the relatively quick delivery with nice presentation made up for half of the bigger let downs.

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