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Most neglecting and unreliable brand i"ve ever seen

Avoid Argos!! I'm just about to get married. On 6th of august I ordered two wedding rings for me and my Fiancé in Slough branch in Observatory shopping Centre. I specifically stated I need this rings before 28th of august and wanted to make sure I will have it delivered to the store on time. The lady said not to worry as the delivery time is never longer than two weeks. I placed my order for two rings and on 13th august collected my Fiance's ring. My ring still didn't arrive, and when I went to the store few days ago to check upon it's status again, the lady told me she cannot help me as the ring wasn't dispatched by supplier and she didn't know when will it be delivered. When I Told her how important it is for me to have this ring, she says she cant guarantee the ring to be delivered on time, she looked in her system and she found same ring but.... one size smaller in other branch in Reading. I decided to buy this ring as I didn't want to end up with no ring at all. The serving lady in Reading I finally got me the ring, but when I looked at it - it was looking well worn with lots of scratches and some dents on it. I don't want and I CAN'T keep this ring and now I have to return it as well as I have to return the ring of my fiancé. Now I have my wedding date set on 01.09.2012 but have no rings! Argos just simply ruined this most important day by its negligence and unreliability!! In any way I cannot imagine what can be done to fix this situation! It is Just UNACCEPTABLE! I am extremely disappointed and by every occasion I am going to worn people, telling them my story about the situation that Argos put me into, just to save them from ending up with nothing because of Unreliable and extremely incompetent company - Argos!

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