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Watchout for hidden charges

If you are buying from this site beware of additional charges. I live at USA.
I have purchased a cover and paid the delivery cost at the time of the placing the order. Then I have received a bill from Fedex for delivery charges, I have called an explain the situation to Fedex but I was told that was the instructions of the shipper to collect the charges from me.
Later I have received a communication from a collection company working for Fedex (I believe owned by Fedex) and they have reported the amount to credit reporting agencies as collection issue.

----- 9/27/2012 addition---- After my coment on this site, they have changed the language on their "shipping charges page" to indicate additional custom fees may apply, but they still do not mantion that FEDEX will collect the custom clearing charges (which is FEDEX FEE) from you on top of the shiping charge you pay to Specialised Covers and the custom duty. For a organization in business of selling to other contries it should be very easy to estimate the custom fees and let us know how much the total cost will be. Chines companies can do it why British cant???

28 September 2012

Reply from Specialised Covers Ltd

This customer would have been made aware the item shipped to the US would incur import charges. This is also common knowledge and we would expect US residents to already be aware of this. This was not a shipping charge as the customer says but an import tax. We therefore do not believe we should have received a poor review for this.

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