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I'm assuming the PC stands for "Pathetic Crap"

I bought a 320gb Seagate external hard drive which kept cutting out when I was transferring over large files onto it. I took it back after reading the receipt carefully which stated "If your product develops a fault within 28 days we'll refund your money or replace it" This turned out to be a complete load of dung. Firstly the store manager at Burnley said she had to test it and transferred a small (a few mb) file onto it. When I told her it was only larger files she said "we'll I've just tested it and it's fine." I'm sorry but I did say larger files didn't I?

Anyway she then offered me a replacement which I declined and told her I would like a refund. She refused and when I stated that it said in the information on the receipt that they would offer me a refund she told me it was "at the store manager's discretion" . So, wanting to cut my losses I asked for an exchange, as previously offered, she then refused me that also!!! Claiming "I was going to do it out of the goodness of my heart" When I asked for a way to complain she fobbed me off with a phone number and so I came home called them up. To say their in store customer service is bad is one thing but their over-the-phone service is even worse. Firstly I was told by the young lady I spoke to that I should have been given a refund or an exchange and she then told me she'd put me through to the tech team. When I got through (after 15 mins) He told me that I wasn't entitled to a refund because It may be a "bad sector" on the hard drive which can be repaired. What a load of rubbish. If you Google Bad Sector it will tell you that this is one of the first signs of a hard drive failure. I t seems to me that this company are only happy if your money is well and truly in their pockets and don't give a damn about after sales service.

In short I shall NEVER purchase another thing from PC World again and will laugh my little socks off when they announce they're going under because of bad profits. I advise anybody thinking of purchasing from them to AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

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