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Abysmal Customer Service

I recently ordered a Bouji Ottoman from Made.com and would like to contribute my own horror story. I had heard a lot about made.com and was excited to find such a nice Ottoman for my living room. I was also relieved that it was express service. Still I waited quite a while for delivery. I ordered on July 22nd and only had it delivered on August 7th. I had to call the delivery company myself to set a delivery time as they didn't bother getting in touch with me. Then I asked the deliveryman to open the packet and assemble it (like made.com said I should) and he said they don't do that, although he would do it for me. When he opened it, I noticed a clear rip in the lining and said I would not accept delivery and that he should return it and have them send me a replacement. He told me someone from the delivery company would call me. They did not, so I called them and they told me that they would request a replacement from made.com. A week after I heard nothing, I called made.com, who said the delivery company had not been in touch. They were nice enough on the phone and promised to send a replacement promptly. For the second delivery, I couldn't be home, but arranged for someone to receive the order. IT WAS THE SAME DAMAGED ITEM I HAD GIVEN BACK TO THE DELIVERY COMPANY. I'm outraged at this poor customer service and have demanded a refund. Hopefully made.com can actually process a refund properly.

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