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No problems, delivered on time

What can i say I ordered an item from here because it was cheap, they managed to package the correct item and post it to the correct address in the time they said they would, whoop?

PC Specialist Ltd

A fine effort, although not 100%

I ordered a custom built laptop, doing my own research I declined chatting to an advisor so I have no idea on their abilities. I order a Vortex III with 7970m and on the forums they had a note about the drivers not being fully functional but this was not a fault of the hardware, I was a bit surprised this wasn't mentioned to me when ordering the PC.
The tracking and delivery were all spot on, I was informed of every step of the building process and when it was dispatched and courier allows you to pick which weekday you'd like it delivered on.
The courier I was a bit suspect of on delivery, I was waiting at my doorstep and the van had stopped in the street all I could here was boxes being shifted rather heavily around the back of the van, rather than say being carefully put down on top of each other. The box I had came a bit dented so I took a video whilst opening it, once I got inside the polystyrene had held the laptop firmly in place and after 10 days of use nothing seems to be damaged, so I'm all happy with that.
A note on the vortex III it's not got a gaming keyboard as standard, the keyboard refuses to recognise the space bar when pressing w and d so a bit difficult when you're moving around and want to leap an obstacle. I don't know if they can fit a different keyboard but steel series are available from some clevo manufacturers.
The laptop functions fine and nothing has pushed it yet, it should be noted that some but not all drivers were installed when I got the product, hot keys and the touchpad were not installed, but the USB 3.0 drivers were, it was really a guessing game as to what had been installed. The finger print reader took a while to work but eventually it's working like a charm.
So yeah good product mostly, quiet enough for my taste and performs as expected, PC specialist well I'd buy from them again, they were the best price in the market for custom laptops.

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