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the Lowest of the cheating company. own by Telephonica, Spain

When I was with Vodafone, O2 promised me anything to switched to them, and spoke good English. Once I switched they could not help any more and could not speak English.
Big rip-off. Promised me not to pay while I go away out of Germany for 6 month. When I came back on 22nd May 2012 I had a bill of 148 Euro. Claimed they could not take 30 Euro from my account at Dt. Bank, so each time they added 19 Eur. I went to my Dt. Bank they signed a paper, that O2 was never denied access to my account. O2 gave it for collection company. Meanwhile , every month they took out 5 Euro from the same account. On Jan 1012 took 68 Euro, Feb 50, May 19 Euro, July 130 Euro. Main U, I have no service from them, not DSL from their Allice partner. By August they managed taking out 300 Euro with no Service for me. Still the collection agency wants 300 as well. I called them, someone in English called me back to tell me to call the collection agency. I asked this customer relations person: Do U care more for the money or the customer? his answer: the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay away from them.


cheep and cheep on customer rlations

If U want to contact the company in Singapore, forget it, U will always get transferred to one Phillipino in Manila, who has no clue how to resolve a conflict. I asked for a supervisor, took some time to convince the rep. to pass me on to a super. The supervisor only repeated what the customer service said. When I asked for a number that would connect me with the company's home office in Singapore, his replay was I don't have their number....Funny, outsourcing company has no clue of the company who pays their monthly check??? lol Bottom line go with other company.


I like the graphic review to find the best price.

I use many search engines, but like Moomendo, easy to navigate, good opposition. I would recommend it to U and have done so before, check it out.

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