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Always my first point of call for reviews

These days it's difficult to believe some of the reviews I read online. Amazon is full of companies paying people to positively review their products and other 'independent' blogs are stuffed with affiliate links that pay reviewers.

That's why I don't buy anything until I've read the Which? reviews - totally trustworthy and well-informed.

Highly recommended

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Never cease to amaze me

Everything about Amazon rocks! I've signed up for Prime because I've ended up checking Amazon before I even search on Google these days. The next day delivery is so easy - I ordered a new monitor and it arrived the next day!

Airport Pickups-london

Great Service - waited for me with no charge

Used these guys to get home from Heathrow. It's not often I get excited about a taxi service but the driver was brilliant and they didn't charge me for the two hour flight delay! Cheers APL!

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Fasthosts Internet

Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. Whatever you do.

I hope you're reading this before it's too late!

I don't normally write reviews because I'm too busy. Very occasionally a company comes along and performs so badly that I feel compelled to share my experience and hopefully spare other fools like myself from parting with their hard earned cash to get absolutely nothing in return.

The reason for my discontent? I paid for Fasthosts hosting service and they were unable to host my website due to "technical issues". I needed a site up quickly and did not particularly want to wait for them to figure out this "technical issue" which no other hosting provider had a problem with. I've hosted many websites before - nothing too complex or major. In fact the site in question I took to another hosting provider and they had it up in 15 minutes.

They refused me a refund and said I'm in contract until July next year. Which you might say is my fault for signing up in the first place. But I honestly thought if I purchased a hosting package I'd be able to host a site. The other thing is, I obviously can't schedule a cancellation for a year's time - I have to remember to get in touch with them no more than 30 days before the contract is up. God knows, they'll probably try and sign me up for another year, the crooks.

I should have spotted the warning signs - their own site is slow, their interface out of date, and their payment gateway antiquated. The sign up process includes the most counter-intuitive password requirements I've ever seen and it's virtually impossible to change your password.

Make the wise choice - choose anyone else - there are loads of them at similar prices. Godaddy, Hostgator, rackspace whatever. Just DO NOT CHOOSE FASTHOSTS.


Avoid at all costs

Like previous reviewer says - these guys are like the Ryanair of Health Insurance. I don't mind it for flights but when it comes to your health, they are really not worth the total hassle. I attempted to make a claim when I injured my shoulder playing football. My GP told me to go and see a physiotherapist immediately so they could stop the swelling and strap it appropriately. So I call up Pru Health for authorization.... then begins my impossible journey. They ask me about 20 questions then finally tell me that I need to fill out a ridiculously long form, give it to my doctor and then get them to fill it out and then FAX it to Pru Health. Then they will 'assess' the claim and get back to me 3 days later. 3 days!!!! I'm in pain, I don't need to wait 3 days while they 'assess' a letter from my GP saying I hurt my shoulder playing football.

I express this and they basically tell me that they need to make sure it's not a pre-existing injury. But I've signed a legal document where there is no mention of any right shoulder injuries (I've never had any problems).

I've been with BUPA and Simply Health for years before and never had any problems (not that I had to claim very regularly). The staff were much better and they didn't give me more hassle than I need when I'm clearly suffering and seeking medical care.

Then, as if it happened every day they offered to send a recording of the call to their complaints department. The complaints department called me later and spouted the same nonsense, adding in that even if they do 'assess' my claim, I'll need to use one of their physios or if I use my own I can only claim £30 per session. I don't know of any decent physios in London who are charging £30 or less.

Overall, as you can probably tell, I'd advise avoiding this company AT ALL COSTS. It's just not worth the low premiums they charge. I'd hate to think how I'd feel if I had a more serious condition.

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