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Ordered £60 worth of stuff this week, it all came within like 2 days with normal delivery and 1 of the items was missing (went to my email to find out it wasn't in stock which was annoying but I got refunded for it straight away) I then received a call about 2 days later confirming one of my items were out of stock and I'd be refunded for that item. Good customer service, awesome items and brilliant store!


Sizes are way out

The sizes are just way too small! I'm a 10/12 and I got the M/L leggings and they were just way too tight!! The dress I bought I also need a size higher and now it's out of stock! So annoying!


Used to be Good Now They're Just Terrible

I've been a memeber for over 2 years. 2 Years ago they were great, everything got tracked, I got paid, everyone was happy. Now, NOTHING is tracking, every single thing I have to write a claim for it which is an absolute joke and that's not even HALF of them.

They also seem to be pretty big on letting scammers advertise on their website. Two offers I went for and the website closed down a week later, no cashback paid even though I deposited (I think it was £5 deposit for £15 cashback)

You can't even post BAD reviews on these scamming websites as you have to wait for the review to me moderated and then it just gets declined if you don't say how "awesome" it was.

What's pissed me off for the last time is I was with my same bank for over 6 years and was moving away from home so needed a new bank. Didn't care who with so went on Quidco for the highest cashback. Was Santander. Guess what? Opened up an account, use it every single day. CASHBACK DECLINED.

Joke of a website I will be now looking elsewhere.

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Annoyed as Hell - Worst Customer Service Team EVER

Lost my SatNav charger 4 days before I was moving house (300 miles away) So I panicked like you do and bought one off the website as it said it takes TWO WORKING DAYS TO SHIP. What a load of s***. Ordered it Monday the 6th of August .. didn't come until I had already moved on the 13th of August. A WEEK LATER NOT TWO DAYS.

Luckily my mum had a spare charger so I used that to find my way to my new house. So I obviously had no use for the new charger anymore. I ASKED how to ship it back they said "you need to send it" that was it, nothing more. So my mum paid £5 to ship it back via Royal mail. 3 weeks later still no refund. Customer service was appalling to be honest.

Apparently I was supposed to ship it back via their courier service but this wasn't what I was told to start with otherwise I would have obviously done that and saved £5. So all in all.. it took over 6 weeks to get a refund JUST for the charger. They said they'd refund me the £5 P&P fee since it was their fault they gave me the wrong information .. never received it. Sick of them all now to be honest will never ever use them again.

Buyers stay away, not worth the time hassle or your money.

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Use this site quite a lot, awesome site great customer service!

Awful CS

Ordered a coat from them and when I got it, it was all ripped on the inside...awful quality..emailed them and it took 13 emails over the course of 3 weeks to get a reply. Had to go through Paypal to get my money back! Will never use again. Stay away!



Ordered 2 playsuits and some shorts from them.. came next day but the sizing is a little out..I'm a 12 all around and 1 of the playsuits were ripped around the edges but my housemate sewed it for me... and the other 1 was too tight and I got a M/L.....the shorts I also got in a size 12 and they were wayyy too small! Customer service is ok.. got a response 1 out of 2 emails.. sent the shorts back will see how quick they refund me. Worst part is you have to pay to send stuff back.....not cool.

EDIT: They refunded me very quickly so gave them 4/5 stars instead of 3 - good customer service.

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