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Bad Customer Service,.. a company policy choice

Let's start with the positive: In most cases Fedex will do what they promise to do. They deliver a packet from A to B in a matter of days for the agreed upon price.

For my company I have used Fedex to send more than 100 packets. 4 of these packets have failed.

The reasons for the failures have been:
1) "The Fedex warehouse burned down. We are sorry."
2) "The packet is stuck in the customs. We are sorry."
3) "The weight of the packet was scanned optically, you need to pay triple"
4) "You filed the airway bill the wrong way. You need to pay extra VAT"

In each of these cases I am sure, that fedex was wrong and I was right. I should not have been billed, and/or Fedex should have compensated.

In each of the cases, I have complained. Then fedex have send a new invoice. I phone in and talk with "customer support". They make a case. Two weeks later I get a new invoice. I email and phone to Fedex. Each time i contact fedex, it is a new Fedex employee who cannot find any case number, and therefore I have to explain from scratch. After a few more weeks they just send a new reminder, this time with a threat.

In the cases 1-3 I have decided to pay in the end. In case 4, I did not paid and Fedex have blacklisted me as a bad customer. They have NOT taken me to court, as they threatened to do. They have probably considered their case too weak or the bill (350 USD) too small.

Fedex has no customer service. It is a choice of their company management.


Smile No more

Smile-Away er en trick sælger. Jeg har været meget meget tæt på at købe fra Smile-Away, men tjeckede lige med trustpilot... Tak til alle tidligere anmeldere, jeres reviews har ikke været forgæves. Jeg føler med jer og de udgifter smile-away kostet fusket sig til.

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