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Over A Month Since Release and Still No Order!

I placed an order on July 31st for a new nintendo 3ds, some games and a mario hard case for my sons birthday. The hard case was pre order due for release on August 1st, so only the next day.

I received most of my order on August 2nd but no hard case. I checked online tracking and the hard case was showing as not shipped. I waited patiently but still no hard case.

Game are now showing the item as in stock and available for immediate dispatch but I still dont have mine?!?!

Emailed on August 24th to find out what was going on only to get a bog standard autoresponse telling my order would be shipped soon. Emailed again on 4th September to get the same auto response and finally for an email back from Game yesterday saying my order was dispatched on August 2nd and that I had taken delivery. WTF?!?! There own website says the item was not dispatched, I have emailed AGAIN only to get the same autoresponse and still nothing. Seriously how hard can it be... I have paid for my item yet a month after release still dont have it. Games tracking service says its not been dispatched but Game are trying to say it has? Someone is seriously having a laugh and Im not happy. No way to contact Game other than what I have tried and sick of the bog standard autoresponse and inept staff that cant look at there own system to see they still havent dispatched my full order


Serious Problems But Resolved As Soon As I Complained.

I have left my original review below for reference as it would be unfair to pretend the issues had never occurred but have to update as I honestly cant fault world stores with the way they have handled my complaint. Having waited on hold for what seemed like hours and contacted worldstores customer service department several times my promised returned calls never came. I wrote the review below and was contacted by world stores complaints department within hours. Since making my complaint on Trust Pilot world stores not only took possession of my issues but bent over backwards to rectify them, including sourcing an out of stock product and upgrading my order (at no charge) to next day delivery. The item ordered arrived just as promised on Friday morning and in plenty of time for our party. I have been contacted again this morning by the complaints department to confirm my order arrived and have been compensated for my troubles. Honestly faultless its just a shame world stores dont seem to be offering this sort of service from the outset. Undoubtedly this company has issues but I really cant fault them for how they have handled the issue since. Moral of the story... great range of products reasonably priced but dont order anything if your in a hurry and dont be frightened to complain as issues resolved almost immediately.

Would I shop again, absolutely YES, I just hope they get their front of house service as sharp as their back office complaints department by the time I do as it would then be a world class service offered by world stores.

Previous Review:
I NEVER write reviews but this company has to be the worst on the face of the planet. I firstly ordered a junior feather duvet last November for my daughter. We were decorating her room for her birthday (in December) and allowed 6 weeks for what was advertised as 2-3 day delivery. The order never arrived and when I chased them for the final time in February they just said "oh did it not arrive then". Very annoyed but cancelled the order without a problem.
Made the FATAL mistake of giving them another chance with a toddler toy that is for a party this Saturday. Given previous experience phoned to check it was in stock and available and how long it would take for delivery as everywhere else is listing the same product as out of stock. Confirmed was available and placed order over the internet. Have email for order tracking but the item hasnt even been shipped yet. Phoned twice to find out whats going on as seriously panicking it wont arrive in time but despite waiting on hold for ever and being promised 2 call backs have still heard nothing. Im going to have 1 devastated child as it looks like once again world stores are letting me down. IGNORE the delivery times, they have failed twice so far to honour them and Im just praying although not hopefully that my order will arrive before Saturday.
Joke is I called again as a new customer to ask about delivery for the same item and to check it was in stock. They are still telling customers they can deliver in 2 - 3 working days and said if I ordered today I would have my order by Monday at the very LATEST. So where is my order?????

28 August 2012

Reply from www.worldstores.co.uk

Dear Hanna Morris

Thank you for your feedback, I truly apologize for the exeperience you have had in regards to the delivery of the items.

Please allow me to check both the orders and contact you to resolve this matter for you and restore your faith in us.

Kind Regards

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