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Pay peanuts and get monkey!

Yes gifffgaff is cheap, but there is no one to solve problems. To start with, they have this stupid adult content block that block almost anything. To unblock, you need either an UK passport or an UK driving licence. I entered my UK driving licence number and after waiting for over 24 hours, the block is still not lifted. I contacted their customer "agent", which is best described as a cut-and-paste-monkey who just spilt the same nonsense over and over again. I have to wait 5 days for the block to be lifted? That is 1/6 of the month's internet I paid for and am not getting the full service. Instead of doing something about it right away, they just cut and paste some part of their terms and condition. Next time I want monkeys, I go to the zoo.

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Very long wait for some very rotten plants

I placed an order for 2 of Tropica 1-2-Grow! gel pot plants and 1 order of normal plants on 4 Aug. By 10 Aug, I still had not heard from them so I sent them an email and only got a reply on 13 Aug saying they will be posting it soon. 9 days to be posting it soon? Not very good start is it?

Soon after, I got a email stating that it had been sent and I should be able to track it the next working day. However no tracking number and the package only arrived on 16 Aug.

Now I must state that I am in Shetland, the north most island ground in the UK. Seapets made me pay an extra £9.95 to ship goods here. I paid that, and it still takes 4 days to get here? Why? Because Seapets uses UK Mail, not Royal Mail. Royal Mail Special Delivery WILL get here within 24 hours and First Class will get here usually in 1 day, and 2 at the max. And Royal Mail do not cost extra to post to Shetland! However Seapets decided to use some cheap rubbish company that charges me extra and still takes 4 days for the goods to arrive.

Now, usually I can put up with a bit of a wait since I am in Shetland after all, but since my order include live plants, this is clearly unacceptable. When my order arrived 12 days after my order, I opened it to find some very dry looking Cardamine lyrata and some very rotten and soggy looking Staurogyne Repens and Nymphoides Taiwan (search for 1-2-Grow! to know what are these gel pot plants). I thought I will plant them anyway, hoping some bits are still alive enough to grow. Now 2 weeks after planting, my tank is full of BBA, I tested my water to find that my Nitrite and Nitrate are both off the charts! I quickly do a water change and removed as much of the rotten gel plants as possible. None had grown and caused my water chemistry to go crazy.

I emailed them again complaining that I ordered LIVE plants, not dry or rotting plants, and guess what? No reply from them! So I emailed Tropica telling them about this dealer in their goods giving them a bad name. Hopefully they can do something about it.

Only order from them if you like dry and rotten plants, or if you are not ordering plants, then prepared for a very long wait.

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