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CARSound Bilstereo

Defect with the product and unwilling to cover the cost for damage caused

The radio came with a faulty cable, which caused damage to the cables in the car. Carsound is unwilling to cover the cost of the damage. Rather pay more and shop locally.

21 February 2014

Reply from CARSound Bilstereo

Hi Michael

Are You sure Your Business was with us here in Denmark (carsound.dk)?
I can't see that we have a "Michael Mullahy" in our system.
If so, could You please give me Your order or invoice Number and I will follow up on it, right away.

Best Regards,

CARSound Bilstereo


Great price, product as expected

The only two negatives are that this product shipped from Hong Kong (so the delivery time was a little slow, but exactly what they said it would be) and that TNT is rubbish (but of course that has nothing to do with DigitalRev other than making a questionable choice regarding selection of courier - there is no point about complaining about TNT in this review).

There website clearly provides the warranty options even though the product is from Hong Kong and the item was provided with a UK power plug. Had it not been for the information on the TNT tracking page, I would have had no idea that it didn't ship from the UK. At the end of the day, if you prepared to wait a few days longer than some other merchants, you can save a lot of money to get the exact same product via DigitalRev.

Good job - I would shop here again.


Good service, world-class customer support

It does what it says on the box. Check out their site for full details, but basically it does what you'd expect, providing a VPN service, proxying through just about any country you can imagine - so great for being able to access BBC iPlayer when travelling, for instance.
The main reason for the review and rating is that both times I've used their support, they've been very prompt, professional and resolved the issue to my satisfaction.


Misleading, overcharged

The prices seemed great, until you get your credit card bill and notice the extra charges you were not told about at any point and had not agreed to.
Avoid this company - they are dishonest and misleading.


The best sim-racing products

The products are not cheap, but quality products never are. Their products change racing games into racing simulations. If you love racing games, I'd recommend Fanatec products as the best available.


Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Just really cool design that are functional and well built. What more could you ask for.


Always excellent

Always great prices and good delivery.
Several times I've had problems, but each time Amazons customer support has been super-impressive - and it's this above anything else that keeps me coming back.


Poor build quality, abysmal customer service

The sound quality is great, but this counts for naught when the headphones break again and again and again.
There seem to be some serious problems with the build quality and the customer service was amongst the worst I'd ever received.
You can find other companies that also have awesome sound quality, but also good build quality and customer service.
I will not buy another monster product after my repeated failing headphones.

Totally Wicked ELiquid

Great products, confusing product range

Update - these products keep failing after about 3 - 5 months of use. And with only 28 days warranty, this is landing up more expensive than I expected. Just had both batteries fail within days of one another, so now have to resort to cigarettes. Disappointing.

I've been really happy with almost all the products I've received from Totally Wicked E-Liquid - the only exception being some horrid tasting liquids. The 'shisha' flavours are really not pleasant in my opinion. Having said that, the other liquids I've had from them have been excellent.

My hesitation with this company is that they have a wide product range that is very difficult to understand and they have made very little effort to assist comprehension. For instance, the "Tornado eGo-C MEGA Twist Compact Kit 1000mAh" is NOT compatible with the "MEGA Tornado e-go cartridges" without additionally buying the two other MEGA accessories - none of this is explicitly stated on their website. Given both products are titled "MEGA", I think it's not unreasonable to assume they would work together without there need for multiple accessories.
The whole e-cigarette concept is a little confusing to beginners, and this company could be doing a lot more to make there product more accessible and easily understood.

On my only contact with there customer service, I found the representative less than helpful and unwilling to take constructive feedback about their product and webpage.

Once you finally figure out what's what on their website, there products are top-notch. I believe them to be the best supplier of e-cigarettes in the UK at present.

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