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Sell My Mobile

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City Link

Avoid this incompetent company at all costs

Absolute joke of a company, ordered next day collection for 10th Dec to be delivered on 11th Dec via myparceldelivery.com. after several lies from a non existent courier claiming he had been, despite myself and my carer being in at all times, we can hear the postman so unless the courier was a mouse, or a lying rat we would have heard them knock. I have contacted mpd who were full of apologies on behalf of city link and have arranged yet another collection, 6 days after the original collection was due. Nothing but a huge inconvenience service from Shi@ty link, they look Yodel look like they are the best in the business. I would never recommend Shi@ty link to any one

Royal Mail

Lazy incompetent postman, possibly an ex employee of [external reference]

I sent some 1st Class Recorded Signed for post which had great value to a family member and was horrified to find that it hadn't been signed for despite having a big sticker saying recorded signed for post, it had just been left not fully posted in the letterbox. That is not the point, I had paid £8.80 as it was 4 separate cards for my nephews and niece. If i'd have just wanted normal 1st class post that is what i'd have paid for.
Royal Mail need to take on more competent posties and provide a more competent service.


Good Delivery time, kept well informed, Bad Service upon delivery

I am disabled and had a 40" tv delivered a few days ago. The delivery 'driver' just had me sign his little elecsign before leaving my tv in my hall and disappearing before I had a chance to ask for his assistance in setting my tv up as is stated on arrowxl.co.uk, which would have taken him all of 5 minutes. Arrow XL provides false and misleading information on your website under your 'Pride in our service' section, where you state you 'UNPACK AND INSPECT' 'LIGHT ASSEMBLY' and 'INSTALLATION'.


Massive downward spiral since it was 1st launched

I used to enjoy going for a meal to Wetherspoons when it WAS good quality food, cheap and convenient. Now its a case of you're lucky if you get a decent meal and decent staff, Take 2 different wetherspoons for example, Wyebridge Hotel in Buxton, good service 80% of the time, hot and tasty food, enjoyable with a nice pint, now take Manchester Piccadilly wetherspoons, decent barstaff, rude inhospitable waiting staff, luke warm barely edible food unless the restaurant is quiet. have had breakfast on several occasions and seeing 'pish heads' drinking as though theyre still on a night out is disturbing at 8am. This has happened in several wetherspoons establishments which I have visited around the country. I've gone from spending £80-£100 food + over £200 per week drink to £2-£20 for just one round of drinks because with the lack of customer care and feeling slightly intimidated by the 8am boozers it has put me off the food and drink. I will however check on trip advisor when I visit cities and only then if the wetherspoons has good reviews may I even consider having a meal with my friends, otherwise we look elsewhere


Very Good dependant on which restaurant you visit and which host you get.

I visited the Manchester Printworks Harvester Pub a few days ago, the service was slightly mixed, great bar service but unfortunately just average table service, the salad bar was very well stocked and regularly replenished, however the food although very tasty was barely warm and the plates were cold, the waiter did not check on us to check everything was ok and not very easy to get a hold of despite the restaurant not being particularly busy, I would have tried to find him to complain but I am disabled and find it difficult to walk around. I did inform him of my slight dissatisfaction when he cleared our plates and he was very apologetic so we decided to stay for dessert and further drinks. He did redeem himself when it came to dessert and had the chef double my portion of chocolate fudge cake which was lovely.

In 2012 I visited the 'new' Salford Quays Harvester during the Christmas period and the whole experience was 100% outstanding, very courteous and professional. This restaurant had been much busier than my visit to the Printworks Harvester.

In 2011 whilst on holiday in Torquay during the Regatta week, we visited the Beacon Harvester on 3 different occasions. The young Polish waitress who was our host on the first visit was extremely lovely, courteous and very hard working and well deserving of the tip which I left. Unfortunately on our second visit to the Beacon, the service was disgraceful, we had a different waitress who was very rude, literally 'slamming' the plates down on our table when our food was brought out. This was reported to the duty manager who was apologetic, however the apology should have come from the waitress. We did return for a third time but once we realised the same waitress was on duty again and appeared to be as sultry as when we had been in the previous time we just stayed for a drink, cancelled our table and ate elsewhere.

Generally I really like the food and the professional service when I can get it and would recommend Harvester to friends and family, however it is hit and miss if you can get these. All staff should be trained to provide the high level of service that the staff who do go out of their way to make the dining at Harvester experience as enjoyable as possible provide. Its the little things that matter that make the big things worth it. A massive thank you to those staff mentioned above who have made our visits pleasurable, as for the not so good experiences there is plenty of room for improvement.

Russell Worth Solicitors

Absolutely Fantastic, Professional and Courteous

After calling first for lawyers as advertised on TV I was placed with RWS (my not so local solicitor, I live in Manchester haha :) ) This made me giggle a little bit as they are based almost 270 miles away, however the service I have received from a fantastic and courteous young lady solicitor has been outstanding, she has kept me up to date and given me excellent advice every step of the way. I would most certainly recommend RWS to anybody who has had a serious or minor injury which was not their fault. My claim is against one of the biggest transport companies not only Britain but in the world, and the whole process has been dealt with in a very good time scale. I am now waiting for a few more things to be finalised and then the final settlement. I will be sure to send my sincerest thanks to my case solicitor at Russell Worth. Thanks again for such an outstanding service. 8.4/10 is underrated 10/10 is more accurate

06 November 2013

Reply from russellworthsolicitors.co.uk

Glad we could be off assistance Danny despite the distance between us ;) Thank you very much for your review - you have put a smile on our face now!


Good enough points system but rude and contradictive customer services.

The point system its self isn't too bad and the Nectar eshops are plentyful, however collecting points from one or two of them is harder than drawing blood from a stone. Originally I was waiting for some points from a certain e shop which had said on its site via the nectar tool bar that I would receive my points within 35 days to 2 months. now 4 months later and no points awarded, I contacted nectar customer services who informed me(rather rudely and bluntly) that i will not be receiving the 600+ points which I was due and attached a copy of the 'updated' eshop involved T&C which was different to the original terms when I first ordered. (these terms had changed within 12 hrs of me contacting nectar and shows the eshop offer as available to new customers only, which I had been in the first place)
So to sum it up, one person will tell you one story and when what you are told contradicts what another customer service agent says or even what it says on the website, they will quickly cover up their wrong doing. So stick to collecting points by all means necessary but avoid customer services at all costs.


My faith in Yodel has been restored. Thank you

After having terrible service on several occasions in the past from Yodel (which has slowly improved over the last 3 or so deliveries), I was left wondering what this time around would be like.' I was lucky enough to have a decent and helpful courier who covered my area. I believe that it is hit and miss to the service which customers receive dependent of which area you live in, which isn't at all right. Every customer should receive the same professional service which I was fortunate enough to get, this should be the same for all courier services. I think that more staff training in customer service and handling parcels, also time management training should be compulsory to make sure the business can run more efficiently. With delivery tracking numbers, the name of the designated courier should be provided, this not only helps to weed out the not so competent drivers but also helps customers when going through the complaints or compliments procedure.

Anyway thank you again so much for a fast and courteous service


Honest , efficient and Much more reliable than them in the office next door (yodel)

will be my choice of delivery when shopping with Very and other companies on eligible items, if an item doesn't offer collect+ then I will buy the item elsewhere.
Collect + delivered on time and more securely than yodel, who certain staff seem to enjoy a kick around with customers parcels (this can be seen on youtube) its so easy to use collect+ when collecting from your local shop and at least you will know that your parcel is safe. Yodel home delivery couriers(not all, just the incompetent ones and there are many) can just continue whatever it is they do swinging from light to light or more like tree to tree like the baboons they are. no wonder they are rated 36/36 uk courier services with a score of 0.8/10
Keep up the good work collect + and please never take a leaf out of their book.

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Fast and Efficient (maybe had a shakeup of their staff)

Ordered 3 items from Bissell Direct and was very impressed with the speed and quality of the delivery, was supposed to be within 4-5 working days but arrived within 24hrs of ordering, sending me a text when they were within an hour of delivering. Having had very bad experiences in the past with other courier services such as Yodel/HDNL and Hermes this was a welcome breath of fresh air as far as couriers go.

06 September 2012

Reply from DX

Thank you for your comment.

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