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Slaughter house is better than Ecrater, say goodbye to Ecrater

Can't contact the people at Ecrater they don't reply back and there is no customer service, no phone number. I don't do business with companies who hide. Something must be wrong when companies hide from the public and I found out why. I read the other bad reviews, they are there for a warn you to stay away. They make their money off of Google pop-ups, but they tell you it is a free selling tool. NOT FREE. You are working using your time and energy to get their Google Pop-ups and ad revenue income to work, and sellers don't sell much. Not worth the time for them to profit off of your hard work and expended time. They have lots of fraudulent sellers as they just want the ad-revenue, they don't care about the public the buyer and sellers. This is such a big scan.

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