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Convenient service with occasional errors

I use ASDA about once a week for my groceries, overall a good service but some occasional issues have come up.

There are some times when my items are not in store and thus they are not able to give them to me, but I am never charged for them. There have also been several occasions when I was outright given the wrong item, for example I ordered a duvet set (which is nice to be able to do, next day delivery with my food!) but they gave me the wrong pattern altogether despite the order clearly stating the item type. I told the deliveryman this and he took the item back and I was given a refund.

Sometimes my food items are also incorrect, for example I ordered pizza dough and was given puff pastry. They do allow you to choose a 'substitution' option (where they will give a similar item if the one you picked is not in store) but I want the brand I pick so I never really use it.

The people that deliver items have all been very nice, the first time I used the service the deliveryman was kind enough to explain the details of the service to me. Even when items are incorrect and I explain it to them they take the time to inquire further into it (what did you ask for? Did it look similar?) and are very polite about it.

I will continue using ASDA for food items and for other goods on a regular basis. The delivery fee is very fair, I would pay a similar amount to take the bus to ASDA and back and have to lug things on my own. Well worth the price of 3 pounds to deliver all my food needs within a two hour window of my choice! I will warn you to be mindful though about baked goods, I am often given food items that are due to expire that day or the next day.


Yodel: The Delivery Service that Doesn't Know How to Deliver

Twice I have used Yodel (though if I knew the company I used the second time was using Yodel to deliver I would not have used them). Both times they have said they tried to deliver the items and no one was home (which I was) and that a note was left (which it wasn't). I am very frustrated with them, they show on their tracking when they are sending an item so I take the time to be available to receive the item and then they never show (at least not at my house).

It's a shame that I am limited in online shopping now because of Yodel, I will not use any companies that use Yodel because I have not once managed to get any items ordered through them!

I suggest anyone that actually wants an item delivered not use Yodel, because it likely won't make it...

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