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Do not give payment details to Lovefilm whatever they tell you!

I have just had an extremely pushy sales woman at my front door. She lied about the cost intially stating it was free. Then later less than a £5.( It's 5.99) She stated that i would actually have to opt in and if i didn't i wouldn't be charged at the end of 3 months. Lies. She tried to compare it too sky even when i said i get my phone and broadband through Sky. It does not do those things. She only left when i told her that i felt that she was pressurizing me. After she left i watched a piece about this company on watchdog archives. They made misleading claims which they apologized for in September 2011 but they have not changed one bit. I will never use this company or their parent company amazon again. The pressure put on me left me very upset and i am a psychiatric nurse so how would your gran react.Please cancel your subscription and use another company. They do not deserve anyone's custom.

They only get one star because there is no way of giving them none.

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