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Sounds like a good idea but implementation is flawed

Why would your site not let me edit the email address for the company I reviewed, Why would it assume the email address was just because the company is called NEP Why would any web author make assumptions like that......
Also why not a link for the companies web site as well.
Why cant I rank companies by location, reverse review rating, etc
Methinks you need to review your own product.....

Having read these reviews for, At least you have the cahonas to review yourself, but the main flaw of fake reviews does not seem to be answered. It is too easy to screw with a companies rating both positively and negatively.

(am not looking for an answer, this is just feedback for you)

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30 August 2012

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your input. Although, you are not looking for an answer I want to explain a bit anyway.

Trustpilot is an open directory of companies and we don't know exactly how many are paying attention to what's being said about them. We can't be sure that email addresses submitted by the reviewer is right either - only companies can change their email address. If the company hasn't changed their email address they are most likely not using Trustpilot actively yet.

Links to company websites is actually available, but we only provide that to companies, who are actively using Trustpilot.

Your idea for sorting is really good and it's something we are looking into already. It's too early to tell when it will be available, but it's a popular request, so it has our focus.

People are allowed to share their opinions here on Trustpilot. We do a lot behind the scenes to fight fake reviews and are constantly monitoring and removing reviews when we detect patterns of fraud. I can't of course go into details about how and what we do.

Joakim Ditlev


North east Peripherals. Top notch PC retailer

I have used these guys a few times and they are excellent, cheaper than PC world but with real technical support. I bought two Laptops, but because of the application I have, needed windows XP which they put on for me along with the other applications I bought. Great guys and bent over backwards to help me.
Also had them fix the screen on my sons laptop when it went flying... 24 hour turnaround, ticketyboo
George street


Did what they said on the box

Second use of shiply and second success, Ebay goods delivered to me were heavy, awkward and were shipped at half the price of elsewhere so I will use them again. Shiply are just a contact service so the actual shipping is dependent on whoever contacts you but in both cases although there were no phone numbers or tracking facilities I could use for the shipping agents, they did exactly what was asked for and did it in a timely fashion.

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