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I have read with interest the amount of people slating Trust Pilot for allowing FAKE REVIEWS. The answer from Trust Pilot seems to be the same everytime.
I have just looked at a companies profile who only fit their products in England (not even the whole of the UK). They previously have had serious negative feedback, and still do on genuine review sites. All of a sudden they are amazing (according to the new reviews)???
On closer inspection virtually all of the latest "amazing" reviews are from profiles (I wont say people as they obviously aren't) who are based in the USA?
Come on Trust Pilot get real. You are helping / allowing the worst in each industry portray a false image. Which hurts the credibility of the internet as a whole.
As my grandma used to say "Don't trust anyone who says 'Trust Me' "
Trust Pilot? Not me, my grandma told me not too.

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03 September 2012

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Jay

Thanks for your feedback.

It seems like you already read the previous answers to other reviews claiming that our review platform are open for fraud. So I don't want to repeat what we are doing to fight against it.

For every time someone mentions a fake review on Trustpilot, we have captured dozens of fake reviews and removed them. We can't and won't show these stories in public, but our filters are working pretty well and captures fake reviews every day.
However, the filters are not bullet-proof and sometimes a fake review slips through. And unfortunately, those are the stories you hear about.
That's why we encourage you and all other reviewers in the Trustpilot community to report any suspicious reviews, so we can investigate and take the needed actions.

Joakim Ditlev

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