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Just treading water in a swimming pool of mediocrity

Thehut always seemed like a decent place for myself to purchase games and a few T-shirts, due to their fair prices and decent selection. Saying that, it took me a long time before I actually bothered to purchase anything off their site.

My first order was for a few games at Christmas, nothing to out of the ordinary, with all games being detailed as in stock. After ordering the games, I went onto my account and noticed (this was December 10th) that the games would not be delivered for Christmas. This was rather annoying and led me to just cancel the orders that were not due for Xmas and instead wait it out for the one that should have been delivered 5-6 days before the big day. It came Christmas eve morning, which was just a kick in the teeth as we had already lost and had replaced a parcel already, so we feared the worst for thehut's package as well. This problem seems prevalent, as I reluctantly bought a game (it was quite hard to find) off their site, which was mentioned as in stock. I ordered it and after a few days wondered where my order dispatch email was, after checking the account page I noticed that the game was going to take another 2 months to get to me.

The next time I decided to order another game off the site, at a decent price with some sort of DLC pack, the latter being a deciding factor. After receiving the game about 2 days later than expected, I opened the package and noticed that my promised add on was no-where to be seen. This made me, after about a day, politely email Thehut to send me a new code or inform me of what I should do. I waited about a week to no reply, in which I sent a more sterner note which got me a reply a few days later, then another one about a week later, only demonstrating their 'great' customer service.

The last issue, I'll stop my whining soon, was in regards to a pre-order. I had pre-order Tales of Graces f from there as it was cheapest, with a stock checker and my account page telling me it would be dispatched on the 28th, it's about 9:00pm on the 29th and I have still had no confirmation of dispatch. A very annoying thing to do, I have since cancelled the order and took my business elsewhere.

Overall, they are just plain crap. If you can bide their shenanigans then you could probably find something decent there, as there prices can be low for certain things. However, I really wouldn't bother with them and look at places like Amazon, Shopto or instead.

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