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Silver tag in shiny, miniature perfection

My little silver tag came by return of post, well-packed and with a handwritten note of greetings and best wishes. The charm itself is of flawless, stirling silver contained in a soft pouch to protect its mirror-like finish. The supplier has included, as a thoughtful, extra item, a small, silver, split ring fitting to facilitate the attaching of the tiny, argent rectangle to either a chain or bracelet. This was useful to me because I needed the charm to finish off a new (non-silver), albert-style watch chain and could now fasten it to the chain myself instead of needing the assistance of a jeweller and his solder. This little tag would look lovely on a slim, silver chain or on a chunkier bracelet and can be engraved by the supplier, prior to delivery, if such a service is required. Problem solved for me and at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend Thecharmworks to anybody looking for something unusual, discrete and of excellent quality.


Declutter and share your music the easy way

Being a novice at internet trading and based entirely on reviews of the company from other traders I put my trust in Zapper and was very pleasantly surprised. Their sorting process and knowledge of the market made submitting the list of items I wished to sell very straightforward, with a guarantee that I'd get a fair price based on barcode and salability. Obviously, they were only able to accept quality items in overall good condition. The whole process was uncomplicated and stress-free, from initial listing to despatch and my handsome cheque, for the full amount offered, landed on my doorstep a couple of weeks later. They supply a very friendly, efficient service, with guidance and support whenever needed, which in my case was often. I sincerely hope that at some point in the future, when my racks are starting to groan again with the weight of surplus cds, I shall be able to deal with them again. Impressive!


Nature knows best, Naturesbest knows nature!

After trawling the net for details of the supplements best suited to address my particular area of concern my search took me to the Naturesbest site where I was able, almost at a glance, to select the very products I needed with a minimum of fuss. My order was processed, shipped and delivered within a very short period, it really was that quick. Items are described simply and clearly and are easy to identify and locate on the site. This was a pleasant, uncomplicated shopping experience enhanced by the frills-free nature of the presentation. Naturesbest offer online advice, an impressive variety of natural supplements and remedies and a demonstrate a great attitude to customer service.

Time Out, Dave Brubeck Quartet. Less is maybe more on vinyl!

The rather beautiful and lavish Legacy, cd and dvd, reissue of this monster album is invaluable for the historical recollections of the man himself. He explains the way in which he will incorporate everyday, natural sound, that underpinning aural accompaniment to living which is so often overlooked, into the rhythm and syncopation of his compositions. This 180gram, audiophile, vinyl pressing, however, innocent of any extra padding, remains an uncluttered jazz jewel, amongst many such gems of the genre which were released in 1959. Neatly sealed in a clear outer sleeve the artwork regains its original impact. The merest, seductive hint of stylus hiss between individual tracks carries me back to a more noble, infinitely cooler world where simple pleasures were more wholesome and quantity didn't immediately equate with quality. 40 minutes of pure listening enjoyment cleverly encapsulated over two sides of shiny, black plastic, delivered to my door by return of post from Juno Records. Impressive service!

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