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CITY LINK ARE NOT ONLY THE WORST COURIER COMPANY I HAVE USED THEY ARE THE WORST ALL ROUND COMPANY I Have ever used. They are consistent around the board with poor tracking information, rude abusive customer care, drivers that put delivery notes through the door even if it's obvious someone is in like tv on cars on the drive, windows open, need I say more. Don't use them they are useless. I cringe when I buy an item and it's being delivered by these incompetent clowns. Useless useless useless. Avoid at all costs




I was expecting a delivery from DPD today, 30th August 2012. As per usual; I received a notification e-mail indicating that the delivery would be made between 0800hrs and 0900hrs, great, so I made sure I was up and ready to except the said parcel. There was also four other persons spread throughout the house. The blinds were open the tv was on and both cars were on the drive, there was also two windows open upstairs.

At about 0820hrs I was going upstairs and noticed that there was a DPD Sorry we missed you card in the letter box??? I was mystified as to how we missed the delivery, we were all in the house, and as stated the tv was on in full view, cars on the drive, windows open, it was more than obvious that there were people in!
At this point the driver should have made more of an effort to alert us, he could have knocked some of the downstairs windows which he didn't and I can categorically vouch that he didn't. Instead he took the easy option and posted the dreaded letter.
I made immediate contact with the number provided on the card and spoke to a female, who to say the least was about as helpful as a chocolate fire-guard! I explained the circumstances and I have to say initially she installed me with some hope! How wrong!! She indicated that she would try and contact the driver having been told by me that he couldn't possibly be that far away and I would meet him at a place of his choice. I also pointed out that this delivery was very important to me and I needed it urgently otherwise it was going to cost me heavily financially.
She indicated that she would try and contact the driver for me and for a few seconds I thought Great. She was literally gone for about two seconds before returning to me indicating that she couldn't get hold of him!!! Well there is no way that she even tried to contact him in those two seconds, its not physically possible in that time scale, even if he was on a two way radio. She couldn't have given a monkey's. I am extremely frustrated to say the least, I have never felt the need until now to write negative feed back about anything, I am usually happy to give the benefit of the doubt but not with this.
The delivery driver must have just tapped the door and had the dreaded letter with him and immediately posted it without any effort what so ever, it was more than obvious to a anyone that there were people in the house, I didn't hear a knock at any time, nor did any of the other four adults that were in the house. Then to add salt to the wounds the customer care representative was useless, you call it customer care, my eye! She couldn't have been less helpful if she tried, she couldn't give a monkeys to my predicament, she was uncaring, non sympathetic and worst of all didn't make any reference to an apology when I explained that there was people in. I would have expected at the vary least that she would contact that driver and tell him to come straight back, at the end of the day he should have made more effort at the start. I now have to drive in excess of twenty miles to collect the parcel at a cost to me. It will be 1830hrs before I can do this, I will now miss my deadline which will no doubt have a knock on effect with future orders for me and cost me financially. The service that you have offered is sub standard and I will never use you again . i will also be posting this feedback on your web site, I will also pass this on to my business partners and recommend that they do not use you as you are uncaring and not in the slightest bit helpful and have no contingency plans for something like this. I am very, very unhappy with DPD and their lack of customer care...

30 August 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Richard,
Sorry to hear you had a problem with delivery on this occasion and that our service wasn't up to scratch. Has your parcel been delivered yet?
Please drop us an email to with the parcel reference number and a contact phone number if you require any assistance.
Kind regards,

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